Wordle in Spanish today: solution and clues for challenge 204

Wordle in Spanish today: solution and clues for challenge 204

Solve today’s Wordle quickly with these clues.

Wordle en español de hoy: solución y pistas para el reto 204Wordle en español de hoy: solución y pistas para el reto 204

Let’s go one more day with the solution to today’s Wordle. If you are having trouble finding the hidden word of the Wordle español 204 we are going to give you a series of clues and tricks to find the solution . How many vowels does today’s word have? Are there any “rare” consonants? Is it a verb or a noun? In case you still don’t know it, don’t despair: we will also give you the complete solution.

Moreover, a little further down we will also help you solve the Scientific Worlde today July 29, as with the Spanish Wordle, we will do it with a series of subtle clues with which you can guess the hidden word without cheating. To the mess!

How to solve today’s Spanish Wordle

Ayuda Wordle

We give you a series of clues so you can guess today’s hidden word

Remember that it is important that you choose the words with which you are going to play Spanish Wordle well, especially the first two. It is essential to start with words that contain a good variety of vowels and consonants, preferably R, S, T, A, and E. “Subtraction,” “party,” or “cousin” are all good words to start with. Look at the letters marked in yellow and green and play accordingly.

If, despite giving everything in today’s Wordle, you only have one or two attempts left to solve it, don’t worry. Below you have a series of clues that will help you solve the Spanish Wordle for today, July 29 (note that they go from less to more):

  • Today’s word begins with S.
  • Today’s word ends in A.
  • Today’s word has two vowels.
  • Today’s word refers to a person who cannot hear.
  • Today’s word is feminine.

Haven’t you figured out what it is yet? Let’s go then with the solution to Spanish Wordle 204. Today’s word July 29 is:

  • Deaf.

How Solve Today’s Scientific Wordle

If after the Spanish Wordle you still want more hidden words, the Scientific Wordle is the second most popular Wordle out there. It is played exactly the same as the Spanish Wordle with the exception that the hidden word will be, in some way, related to science. In addition, it does not have to contain only five letters, but the riddles hide words between three and seven letters.

As with the normal Wordle, it is possible that you are having problems to find the solution of today’s scientific Wordle. In this case, we are going to give you a series of clues so that you can solve today’s Scientific Wordle on July 29. The challenge number 138 is a word that can give the occasional headache. Let’s go with the clues:

  • Today’s scientific Wordle word begins with P.
  • Today’s Scientific Wordle word ends in N.
  • The word of the Today’s scientific wordle has only one vowel.
  • The word of today’s scientific Wordle is sharp.
  • Today’s scientific Wordle word is a subatomic particle.
  • The word of the Wordle scientist today has a positive electrical charge.

Difficult, right? If you still do not see it and want to know what the solution is, we give it to you below. Do not continue reading unless you want to discover the solution to the challenge XX of the Scientific Wordle. Today’s hidden word July 29 is:

  • Proton.

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