Which Netflix subscription do I (need) have?  These are the options

Which Netflix subscription do I (need) have? These are the options

Do you regularly watch Netflix, but don’t you actually know which subscription you have? Or are you planning to get the streaming service at home? In this tip we will help you further.

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Which Netflix subscriptions are er?

Chances are you’re subscribed to Netflix to watch the latest movies and series. But, what type of subscription do you have exactly? At the time of writing, Netflix offers three ‘streaming plans’, which differ in price and features. If you’re not sure which Netflix subscription you have, you can follow the steps below to check.

    Go to the Netflix Account page by to log in to the streaming service via this link;

    Note: make sure you do this via your browser does, and not with the Netflix app.

    You will then see your account information. At ‘Subscription Details’ you can immediately see which Netflix subscription you have;

Click on ‘ Change subscription” to change your subscription.

These are the Netflix subscriptions

Are you just planning to to take out a Netflix subscription? Then there are three options to choose from. Which streaming subscription you need depends mainly on your use and whether you only need the account for yourself, or if you want to check the latest films and series with several people. Below we go through the Netflix subscriptions with you.


The middle subscription is Netflix Standard. You then watch in full-HD quality (1080p), which looks nice and sharp on almost all screens. However, on 4k TVs it can be even sharper – more about that later. With Standard you can also watch on two devices at the same time; useful if you want to share your account with a family member or partner.

Costs: 11.99 euros per month

  • Picture quality: maximum full HD (1080p)

    Watch on two devices at the same time

    Working on your phone, tablet, computer and television

    Do you want the best of the best on Netflix? Then you must be with the Premium subscription. You then watch movies and series in 4K quality (provided titles support this) and then have HDR support. With Premium you are therefore assured of the best image quality.

    The HDR support makes images look more vivid and realistic. You can also stream on four devices at the same time. You pay a lot for all this, because Netflix Premium costs 15.99 euros per month. This makes it one of the more expensive streaming subscriptions in Netflix.

  • Costs: 15.99 euros per month

    Image quality: maximum ultra hd (4K)

  • Watch on four devices at once
  • Works on you telephone, tablet, computer and television
  • More about Netflix

    Netflix is ​​the most popular streaming service in the Netherlands. The service has a wide range of films and series and you can now even play games via the Netflix app. However, the streaming service has received a lot of competition in recent years.

    You can also opt for a subscription to Videoland, Disney Plus, HBO Max

    , Amazon Prime Video and Viaplay. These services may have a smaller range and are therefore less complete, but usually cheaper than Netflix. Knowing more? Check it overview with the prices of streaming services to compare all costs. Netflix-abonnementen

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