Video of the week: Our predictions for the Samsung event on August 10

Video of the week: Our predictions for the Samsung event on August 10

On Wednesday, August 10, it’s time for a big Samsung event. We expect all kinds of new devices during the Unfold your World event. In this video we go through all the expectations with you!

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Video: Samsung Unfold your World event

Just under three weeks and then it’s time for a big event of Samsung. The South Korean manufacturer has already announced that you will see all kinds of new products on August 10, 2022. According to various sources, the event with the name ‘Unfold your World’ focuses on three product categories.

In this week’s video we will briefly go over our expectations with you. Do you prefer to read? Then check out the extensive article.

Samsung-event op 10 augustus: dit zijn de verwachtingen!Samsung-event op 10 augustus: dit zijn de verwachtingen!

Samsung-event op 10 augustus: dit zijn de verwachtingen!

Two foldable smartphones

On August 10th we will officially meet the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

and the smaller Galaxy Z Flip 4. Both smartphones have a foldable screen, but have a completely different shape. You open the Fold and then use it as a small tablet, while you unfold the Flip into a ‘normal phone’. Time for Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 (Pro)

At the same event, we will also launch two new smartwatches see the company. According to various leaks, these are the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro. They run on Wear OS from Google, but of course with the well-known One UI sauce from Samsung itself.

Enjoy with the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro

Finally is there talk of the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro. The new wireless earbuds look like little beans and come on the market in different colors. Features such as active noise cancellation and wireless charging also appear to be in the game.

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