Video: Introducing OxygenOS 13 from OnePlus

Video: Introducing OxygenOS 13 from OnePlus

OnePlus shared a video showing OxygenOS 13 in action. The new software shell is based on Android 13 and has a striking appearance.

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Video: This is OxygenOS 13 with aquamorphic design

Many manufacturers develop their own software shell that overlays Android, including OnePlus. That skin, called OxygenOS, has been known for years for the minor adjustments that have been made, making it look a lot like stock Android. The software is fast, contains little to no bloatware and is pleasant to use.

Soon Android 13 released and that also means we’re going to see OxygenOS 13. A short video introduces us to this software. In the video below we see various elements of the interface, including notifications, the always on display and Zen Mode.


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