This is how you stream music from YouTube without advertising or paid subscription

This is how you stream music from YouTube without advertising or paid subscription

YMusic is a handy app to play music, but it has many more tricks. The main reason to download and install the app? You can play YouTube music with it at no cost.

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YMusic: useful music app with many functions

There are many people who use their smartphone as a digital jukebox to listen to music. There are millions of users of

Spotify and other music services, or of course the people who have downloaded music ‘from the past’ stored. However, that is not always enough, because there is also a lot to be found on YouTube.


A great app that you should definitely check out YMusic. What’s so nice is that you don’t have to have YouTube turned on. The screen is also not on and it saves a lot of MBs, because all those data-guzzling video clips are a thing of the past. In addition, there is another advantage: you will not be bothered by advertisements.

Caution : YMusic is a gray area app. For example, the app cannot be found in the Play Store, but can only be installed via a separate apk file. You can also play music with it from, for example, YouTube without advertisements and without having to have YouTube open, something that is normally part of a paid YouTube Music Subscription.

Downloading YMusic is easy and fast

Do not go to the play store to download the app. You will find several apps with the same name in the digital store, but they are all rip- offs or apps with a completely different approach. So surf to the correct website of YMusic

and download the separate installation file there. The most convenient thing is that you do this on your smartphone, on which you want to install the application. You can read exactly how this works in this explanation on Android Planet.

How to listen to YouTube music with YMusic

Listening to music via YMusic from YouTube (or any other source) is very easy. You simply open the YouTube app and search for your favorite song or concert, for example. Below the video you will find several options, including ‘sharing’. Tap on that and you will see all kinds of options.

In addition to sharing via, for example, WhatsApp, Instagram or e-mail, there are also specific YMusic options to choose from. You can choose to ‘play’ or download the music in different file formats. If you choose the first option, you can listen to the song or concert instead of having to watch it. The nice thing is that you can choose to play just that song – or just let YouTube automatically skip to similar songs.




YMusic You can also search within the range of YouTube from YMusic itself. Matter of tapping the magnifying class at the top right and entering your search query. You will then see various suggestions, which you can click, play or download immediately.

This has even more to offer YMusic

YMusic started out as a true music player , which you can still use that way. If you have downloaded music on your phone, you can simply see the albums, artists or genres in the app. You can also create playlists or discover new music. Linking with YouTube is also possible. This allows you to like videos, check your history and see a personalized feed.


If you have downloaded music, concerts or interviews with YMusic, you will of course also see these in the app. The app is not the most beautiful, but you can play with the design and there is also an equalizer. All in all, the app is therefore not only useful for enjoying YouTube, but it has a lot more to offer.


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