This Gigaset phone has a removable battery and costs 250 euros

This Gigaset phone has a removable battery and costs 250 euros

Gigaset comes with a new smartphone, namely the GS5 Lite. The device has a 6.3 inch screen, a removable battery and can charge quickly. The Gigaset is now for sale for 250 euros, placing it in the budget segment.

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Now for sale: Gigaset GS5 Lite

The German phone manufacturer Gigaset has unveiled the GS5 Lite and the device is available throughout Europe. The Android smartphone has a MediaTek Helio processor on board that makes web browsing, scrolling through social media and light games no problem will be. These take place on the 6.3-inch full-HD screen.

The device contains a battery of 4500 mAh. In combination with the efficient processor, you can easily get through your day. The battery of the GS5 Lite is also interchangeable. That has become a

party trick

, but it is good for repairability. This way you can easily replace your battery yourself and you can use your device for longer.

There are two cameras on the back of the GS5 Lite. With the main camera you take photos of 48 megapixels and then you have a wide-angle and macro lens. There is also a selfie camera in the front of the screen. The device comes with Android 12, the most modern version of the moment.

Unlike its big brother,

the regular GS5, the Lite has a number of adjustments. For example, this device cannot charge wirelessly and the housing is not made of glass. This ensures that the smartphone has a lower price tag, because the Lite costs 250 euros, five bucks less than the GS5. To purchase the device, please visit the Gigaset website.

More about Gigaset

Gigaset mainly produces budget devices, but sometimes with premium functions. The GS5 is a good example of this. This phone has a glass housing and can charge wirelessly. The telephones of the German manufacturer are also available in the Netherlands. Do you want to know more about the brand and its phones? Check out our Gigaset page.

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