They designed a six-wheeled electric car with more than 2,000 horsepower

They designed a six-wheeled electric car with more than 2,000 horsepower

The extremely expensive luxury car is intended to be the fastest in the world.

With the spread of electric cars, there are more and more companies that are trying to squeeze more and more rough performance out of their own, small series, typically outrageously expensive machines. An example is the electric model of the Spanish Hispano Suiza 1100 horsepower Carmen Boulogne returning after more than eighty years, but we can also mention the 1914 horse Rimac Nevera – whose serial production will start in the next few days – or the Deus Vayanne, which only modestly holds the title of the world’s most powerful electric car, which rips with 2,200 horsepower then asphalt, when it appears in 2025. As you can see, the above machines have in common the amazing performance, the horrible price tag, and the fact that most of them currently only exist in the form of plans or at most prototypes – except for the company of the Croatian prodigy Mate Rimac developed by Nevera.A Hennessey különleges kialakítású hiperautóval csavarná el a szupergazdagok fejét (Fotó: Hennessey Special Vehicles)
Hennessey would turn the heads of the super-rich with a specially designed hypercar

(Photo: Hennessey Special Vehicles) The American Hennessey, which used to travel in muscle car tuning, is now joining this line, from 2011- presented his first cheese model in t. In 2020, they came up with the Henessey Venom F5, which already has its own carbon fiber body and its 6.6-liter engine was capable of 1,817 horsepower. reported that Hennessey recently aired its latest design, according to which the company’s engineers are working on an unusual electric hypercar. The mysterious
A machine under the project name Project Deep Space for an impressive touring car (grand tourer) in which very special engineering solutions were used.A Hennessey különleges kialakítású hiperautóval csavarná el a szupergazdagok fejét (Fotó: Hennessey Special Vehicles)Two gull-wing doors, four seats, six wheels (Photo: Hennessey Special Vehicles)Let’s start by saying that even though it’s a four-seater car, the arrangement of the seats is unusual: The 1+2+1 configuration means that the driver sits alone in the front, in the middle, with two passenger seats behind him and a third passenger behind them a seat was also squeezed in. Another special feature is the gull-wing door, which is recently coming back into fashion: the DeLorean also tempts customers with a similar door solution, and Drako Motors from California recently presented it 1200 horsepower luxury coupe, the Drako GTE, which also received such a door solution. We must also mention the Tesla Model X, whose rear door opens in a similar way. Hennessey Project Deep Space, however, adds another shovel to the list of oddities: according to the published plans, the car will have six wheels, because it seems that two axles have been placed at the back, behind the passenger compartment. In the video embedded in the article, it is said that something similar could previously only be seen as a racing car: the Tyrell and Williams teams tried this solution, which was soon banned, as they were too fast compared to the field. Hennessey is also trying something like this: according to the comments scribbled on the concept drawing, the car will – like other electric cars – be driven by electric motors built into the wheels, so instead of 4, it will have 6 electric motors, which also means 50 percent better traction due to the two extra wheels. This will be necessary if they want to achieve one of the company’s goals: a hypercar with more than 2,000 horsepower. Another goal of the company is to take over the title of the world’s fastest mass-produced car from the already mentioned Deus, because according to the plans, the top speed of Project Deep Space can be 322 km/h. In addition, they are made with a serious battery, as they promise that the luxury touring car will be able to cover a narrow 1,000 kilometers (620 miles/992 kilometers) on a single charge. With the ambitious plan, the company wants to create a modern version of one of the world’s most beautiful and largest luxury cars, the almost 6.5-meter long Bugatti Royale, introduced in 1927, which “has a greater range than what is available today.” Although this is currently the case, as we wrote last November: the Canadian that is being prepared for Tesla’s competitor Trouvé would deliver the first electric cars with a range of 1000 kilometers as early as 2023, so this statement may have to be modified by Hennessey’s PR people, because the presentation version of their car will be sometime in 2024 can be completed in We feel that the term series production is a slight exaggeration, since only 105 of the cars of Project Deep Space will be produced. It is true that it would probably be difficult to find a buyer for more than that, since it is expected that three million dollars will have to be paid for each piece, i.e. a narrow HUF 1.2 billion at the current exchange rate. We have more to tell you, you can find all the interesting things here!

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