The world's largest supercapacitor factory is being built with the support of Siemens

The world's largest supercapacitor factory is being built with the support of Siemens

As a technology partner, Siemens helps Skeleton to expand the production of supercapacitor cells.

Skeleton Technologies and Siemens have entered into a far-reaching technology partnership to develop, design and implement fully automated, digital manufacturing technology for the production of supercapacitors in Germany. The collaboration aims to digitize Skeleton’s entire value chain, from the design of supercapacitors to production and services. The implemented production technology is expected to reduce production costs by 90 percent within five years.

Similar to the battery, the supercapacitor also stores energy, but while the operation of the former is based on a chemical reaction, the supercapacitor stores energy in an electric field. Skeleton’s products help reduce consumption and carbon dioxide emissions in the automotive industry, transportation, energy networks and industrial applications. Thanks to their patented “curved graphene” material, the manufacturer’s supercapacitors offer the highest energy density on the market, they are characterized by almost instantaneous charging and discharging, high reliability and a very long service life. In the new factory being built in Markranstädt, production is scheduled to start in 2024, with a volume of up to 12 million supercapacitor cells per year. The second phase of the facility is expected to be completed by 2025. The output of the new factory will thus be forty times that of Skeleton’s current plant in Großröhrsdorf.

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