The future of the Russian chess robot that broke the boy's finger is uncertain

The future of the Russian chess robot that broke the boy's finger is uncertain

The plane made headlines around the world after the incident in Moscow, but it may be turned off.

According to Russian chess player Sergey Smagin, the robot that broke a child’s finger in a recent accident at a Moscow tournament does not deserve to be switched off for good. Last week’s unfortunate event in the Russian capital made global headlines after the robot clamped a seven-year-old boy’s finger in its gripper when the child was too eager to move a figure. The spectators were forced to pull the little boy’s finger out of the robot’s claws, and the ordeal was recorded on camera.
All acquisition that advanced AI will destroy humanity is false. Not the powerful AI or breaching laws of robotics will destroy humanity, but engineers with both left hands :/ On video – a chess robot breaks a kid’s finger at Moscow Chess Open today.

— Pavel Osadchuk 👨‍💻💤 (@xakpc) July 21, 2022The brave young competitor continued to play after his finger was put in a cast and reportedly even attended the awards ceremony later and signed the documents.The bizarre images sparked a debate about the safety of the chess robot, although Russian Grandmaster Smagin – who is the vice-president of the Moscow Chess Federation – insisted that it should not be made into scrap metal. “Thousands of children played with the robot before the incident, and a few hundred after,” he told the Russian news agency TASSZ this week about the scenes that unfolded at the Moscow Chess Open. “It was enough to follow an elementary rule – take turns. I don’t know for what reason, but the boy extended his hand while the robot was walking. As far as I can remember, this has never happened before. Moreover, the robot just pressed his finger if he had not extended it. , then nothing would have happened at all”. The grandmaster added that he understands the concerns of the boy’s parents, who reportedly want to file a complaint. The robot is not the property of the Moscow Chess Federation, it was rented from its operator. The Baza Telegram channel, which shared footage of the incident, reported that after the race the robot was dismantled and placed in “standby” mode.”I understand the behavior of the child’s relatives, I would have done the same in their place,” added Szmagin. “But the probability of this happening again is minimal. I hope everything will be fine in the future, the robot is in high demand. I don’t think it’s worth taking it apart. What’s the point of sawing it apart if you can only destroy the program? The robot itself is an ordinary manipulator, the essence of it is in the program written for it.” TASZSZ also quoted the president of the Moscow Chess Federation, Sergej Lazarev, who says that the operators of the chess robot should rethink the configurations. “The parents wanted to write a statement to the prosecutor’s office,” said Lazarev. “We would like to settle the matter peacefully, to come to an agreement. “I don’t think the robot should be dismantled… it has been on display at various chess tournaments for more than 10 years. But we will negotiate with its owners and operators about further protection and security measures.”Hardware, software, tests, interesting and colorful news from the world of IT by clicking here!

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