The electric motor suitable for Tron also goes on a train track

The electric motor suitable for Tron also goes on a train track

The futuristic vehicle is also light as a feather and ridiculously cheap.

Interesting or bizarre vehicles are typically born from the meeting of various modes of transport, just think of the many strange devices that can be seen at the airport. The cars used to inspect railway or tram tracks can also look surprising when they drive along the tracks with the tires “replaced” by railway wheels. This is a very effective solution, since there is not necessarily a road leading to where the track goes, so the track maintainers can easily get to the sections that need repair or development. Yes, but what if one of the rails is damaged, for example due to an accident or a natural disaster?

Amerikai vasúti karbantartó kisteherautó, gumiabroncsokkal és vasúti kerekkel (Fotó: Railroad Maintenance Van with Tires and Railroad Wheel (Photo: The solution may be the special “amphibian” concept engine of a Chinese artist, Heqi Wang, writes RideApart. The astonishing looking electric motorcycle can travel safely on the tracks without railway wheels, and when the railway track ends, it can continue its journey on the asphalt.

The electric engine, which is also suitable for rail transport, has received an astonishing appearance (Photo: Heqi Wang) The solution is provided by the panels built into the engine body – orange in the photo above: in the default position, these look like simple cover plates, but when slid down, they can fix the vehicle on the rail, so it can continue to move on the fixed track using its normal wheels. In this case, the normal wheel is a special shaftless solution that moves with the help of gears on the inside the vehicle. This solution was at one time the trademark of the Swiss car designer Franco Sbarro and, although undoubtedly spectacular, could not really spread. The designer also dreamed up a Tesla motorcycle, which also exists only as a concept, with similar wheels.Since it is a concept, we do not yet know certain information: it is not known, for example, how the engine stabilizes itself while traveling on the rails, just as it is not clear how the track maintenance personnel using such a vehicle would be able to carry the necessary tools and parts with them. Az elektromos motorkerékpáron kissé furán kellene ülni (Fotó: Heqi Wang)According to Wang’s idea, the rail-riding motorcycle will be powered by an electric motor, but there are no data on its speed, range, battery capacity or electric motor performance yet.The editor of RideApart notes that although it is undoubtedly a spectacular-looking vehicle, the question arises as to how well it can be used as a motorcycle, since its ergonomic solutions are spectacularly different from those of “traditional” motorcycles.

It should be a bit strange to sit on an electric motorcycle (Photo: Heqi Wang)

Regardless, it is definitely an interesting plan, we are curious to see if the idea reaches at least the prototype, but considering that the role of the railway has recently started to increase again – mainly due to the replacement of aviation and the reduction of emissions – it cannot be ruled out. that the concept engine might go into series production in the near future. There is only a chance for this because Wang designed the otherwise roughly 40-kilogram vehicle extremely cheaply: according to his calculations, each copy would cost 400 dollars, i.e. a good 152 thousand forints.Az elektromos motorkerékpáron kissé furán kellene ülni (Fotó: Heqi Wang) We have more to tell you, you can find all interesting things here!

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