The child seat is in a strange place in the latest electric Škoda

The child seat is in a strange place in the latest electric Škoda

The Czech brand prioritizes the safety of the smallest passengers.

So far, we don’t know much about Škoda’s latest concept car, the Škoda Vision 7S, as the Czechs have so far only published a slightly vague exterior and a drawn interior image of the car, which the company says will update the brand’s cars with a new design language – read on Škoda’s website . At first glance, it is obvious that compared to previous models, its curves have become slightly more angular, and the lower plastic trim on the front bumper has become more pronounced. The fresh-looking models are expected to appear from 2023, and among them, the Superb, the next generation of the brand’s large limousine, may be the first mass-produced car to boast the new line. The curious will have to make do with the Vision 7S photo until then.

So far, this is all that has been shown of the exterior of the Škoda Vision 7S (Photo: Škoda) The Škoda Vision 7S is a six-seat electric SUV, i.e. it has three rows of seats instead of two – the same is true for seven-seat vehicles. What is interesting is the interior drawing published this weekend, which shows how new the approach is by the Czech designers. According to the drawing, the placement of the child seat in the Vision 7S is quite unconventional: while it is not uncommon in today’s modern cars for the driver and front passenger to be separated from each other by a thick central console, we have not yet seen one where this console extends all the way to the it stretches up to the third row of seats, i.e. it also hits like a stout armrest between the passengers sitting in the second row of seats at the back.

In the Škoda Vision 7S, the child seat has been placed on the center console (Photo: Škoda) This is where the designers envisioned the child seat, so that it is positioned with its back to the direction of travel. According to Škoda, children are the safest there, in the middle of the car, and the child seat placed facing the direction of travel prevents excessive force on the head and neck of the little ones during sudden braking. Based on the size that can be inferred from the layout and the drawing, the concept car may be slightly smaller than the currently available Škoda Enyaq iV, which we tested it too. A representative of the company previously said that the future electric crossover their cars will all be smaller than electric SUVs. According to the announcement of the Czech brand, three new electric models will be launched by 2030, so it is likely that the concept shown in the drawing above will materialize in these cars, at least as far as mass production is concerned. Their most recent electric model was the Škoda Enyaq Coupe iV, which is closely related to the Volkswagen ID.5.

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