The celebrities who fly the most often go to the toilet by private plane

The celebrities who fly the most often go to the toilet by private plane

There is someone whose plane spent more than two weeks in the air this year alone.

Above a certain level, the way of life of stars includes elegant villas, expensive sports cars, and of course private jets as well. However, this involves huge emissions, much more than the activities of an average person – but the emissions of planes are even worse than we thought. And an analysis published last Friday now gives insight into the list of celebrities who fly the most – reports Euronews. Marketing agency Yard made a comparison of the use of private cars by celebrities. It turns out that the owner of the most active plane is none other than Taylor Swift, awarded with 11 Grammy awards . The country singer’s plane took off 170 times between January 1st and July 19th. This means that in the first half of the year there were only 29 days when the private plane had a rest. According to Yard’s calculations, this made Taylor Swift the most polluting celebrity: her plane burdened the Earth’s atmosphere with a mere 8,300 tons Taylor Swift magángépét gyakran adják bérbe, Kylie Jenner viszont szinte a vécére is a repülőjével jár (Fotó: Unsplash/Chris Leipelt) of carbon dioxide annually – that’s an average person nearly 1185 times its annual emission. This was enough for more than 22,000 minutes of flying, which corresponds to 16 days.Taylor Swift magángépét gyakran adják bérbe, Kylie Jenner viszont szinte a vécére is a repülőjével jár (Fotó: Unsplash/Chris Leipelt)Taylor Swift’s private plane is often rented out, while Kylie Jenner almost goes to the toilet with her plane (Photo: Unsplash/Chris Leipelt)The singer’s spokesperson issued a statement after the list was published, in which he claimed that the pop star did not come up with this flight time himself, as his private plane is regularly sold to other passengers – this is, by the way, a common practice among the super-rich who maintain private jets. In addition to Taylor Swift, names such as Floyd Mayweather, Jay-Z, Steven Spielberg, Kim Kardashian, Mark Wahlberg, and the Canadian rapper Drake appear on the list compiled based on Yard’s analysis. The latter reportedly made several particularly short trips with his private plane, however Real Toronto Newz personally commented under his Instagram post on the subject to clarify: the short trips in question were necessary for logistical reasons, i.e. only the plane was moved, no passengers were on it. Kylie Jenner has no problem with short flights One of today’s most famous celebrities is Kylie Jenner, a member of the Kardashian clan, who can claim to be the world’s youngest billionaire. The model does not explain herself, she proudly admits her private device on her Instagram page. In fact, she recently received a lot of criticism after she posted a photo on her Instagram with her boyfriend, rapper Travis Scott stand in front of their private jets. Jenner shared the photo with her 363 million followers with the caption: “should we go with yours or mine?”

However, the real scandal does not break out because of the photo, but because it turned out that Kylie Jenner used her private plane for a 17-minute (!) trip around Los Angeles in July. Kylie Jenner’s Jet Landed in Van Nuys, California, US. App. flt. time 17 Mins.— Celebrity Jets (@CelebJets) July 13, 2022For this reason, the young billionaire has already been called a climate criminal by several people, but there were also Twitter users , who noted that the Jenners use their private jets as if they were calling an Uber. By the way, the flight corresponds to about the same distance as if someone were to fly from London’s Heathrow Airport to Gatwick, which is also near London. By the way, the 17-minute flight resulted in the emission of almost half a ton of carbon dioxide. We have more to tell you, you can find all the interesting things here!

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