Tesla is asking for a “ransom” to use part of the battery

Tesla is asking for a “ransom” to use part of the battery

The car manufacturer would get rid of the strange solution, but in the meantime it deals with the complaints it causes in a sloppy way.

Tesla faces a lot of criticism, mainly due to the problems of their self-driving systems, but now the ball is due to another matter Elon Musk around your company – writes Electrek. It turned out that Tesla limited the battery capacity in its Model S cars by software. For example, their Model S 40 cars have the same battery pack as the Model S 60, with the difference that the latter version’s 60 kilowatt-hour battery was limited to 40 kilowatt hours by software. According to the explanation, this is how they wanted to offer customers multiple choices, without having to interfere with the work of the production lines, in order to install smaller and larger battery packs. The solution is similar to BMW’s latest, very divisive service, which asks for a subscription fee for the use of seat heating , which is otherwise installed in the car . Tesla’s software-limited battery caused an unexpected problem (Photo: Tesla)

Although, according to Electrek, Tesla is already trying to get rid of this solution, the software-limited axles still cause serious annoyance to the owners. A well-known Tesla hacker named Jason Hughes recently reported that a customer of his had recently purchased a used Tesla Model S 60, which had its 60 kilowatt-hour battery replaced with a 90 kilowatt-hour battery prior to purchase. According to Hughes, the new battery was not limited by software, i.e. practically, the Tesla Model S 60 became a Model S 90, with a range corresponding to the 90 kilowatt-hour battery. Since then, the car has changed hands twice more, Hughes’s customer became the third owner, who already bought the car as a Tesla Model S 90. The problems started after the person took his car in for service, as the internet connection in early Tesla models was provided by a 3G modem, but this service has recently started to be rolled out by mobile service providers, so Tesla also invited its customers, to replace the previous 3G connection in cars with a more modern communication device. Shortly after, the Tesla service called the owner to say that an error had been detected in the car’s configuration, which was corrected by software. Then it turned out that as a result of the repair, the car returned to the original Model S 60 factory settings, and because of this, it immediately limited the capacity of the previously installed 90 kilowatt battery – reducing its range by about 128 kilometers.

Imagine walking out to your car to find it’s now 1/3rd as good as it was 15 minutes ago, and Tesla making it look like this is a good thing! They fixed the problem!What do you do?He tried for a while with them with no progress.(5/*)

— Jason Hughes (@wk057) July 25, 2022 The owner, who had visited the city, explained the situation of the car to the company representatives and asked them to restore the battery to the way it was before the repair, i.e. to restore the range characteristic of the Model S 90. However, Tesla’s mechanics said that you would have to pay $4,500 for this, i.e. HUF 1.8 million. However, the person rejected this option and instead turned to Hughes, who, according to his own claim, can remove the software restriction. However, the hacker was so outraged by the incident that he explained the incident to his followers in several posts on his Twitter page. News of the post soon reached Tesla, whose representatives contacted Hughes and said that they would of course restore the software-limited battery capacity free of charge. We have more to tell you, you can find all the interesting things here!

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