Stadia Changelog: Journey to the Savage Planet goes free this weekend, Outriders crossplay returns

Stadia Changelog: Journey to the Savage Planet goes free this weekend, Outriders crossplay returns

Google Stadia is offering up Journey to the Savage Planet this weekend for free, while the release of the Outriders “Worldslayers” expansion has brought the Stadia port back up to speed with crossplay support.

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New games on Stadia

Last week saw a record for Stadia as far as new games were concerned, with seven new titles arriving. But this week, just one new game was released. Ubisoft added Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Classic Edition to Stadia this week, both as a purchase on the Stadia Store or as a part of the Ubisoft+ subscription. The game costs $14.99 as an individual purchase.

Google has added 38 new games to Stadia so far this year. In 2021, Google delivered 107 new titles to the Stadia library, and the company promised at least 100 new games during 2022, a tall order at this current rate – but more weeks like this one would certainly help the platform achieve that promise.

Notably, Google has stopped including the promise of 100 new games in its most recent community updates and blog posts, with the last mention having been in March.

Games coming to Stadia

Two new games were officially announced by Google as coming to Stadia this week, both from Ubisoft. The first in line is Valiant Hearts: The Great War, which drops on July 15. The “animated comic book adventure” will cost $14.99.

A bit more exciting was Ubisoft’s official announcement of Skull and Bones, which will be released on November 8 across all platforms including Stadia. The game is now available for pre-order on Stadia, starting at $69.99.

As our friends over at StadiaSource pointed out, it seems Clockwork Orgins has plans for at least two more games on Stadia. The first being Elemental War, which is about to enter the testing and certification process on Stadia where it would join its sequel on the platform. Tri6: Infinite, a racing game that feels remarkably like TRON, is also on its way to Stadia. Both games should arrive sometime in August/September.


Journey to the Savage Planet is free this weekend for all Stadia players

Stadia is offering up one of the only games that was published by Stadia Games & Entertainment, Journey to the Savage Planet, for free to all players this weekend. Whether you have Stadia Pro or not, you can participate in the free weekend, which is live now through July 11.

The game is also discounted to $11.99 through July 15, and remains a part of the Stadia Pro catalog.

Outriders brings back crossplay

The story of Outriders on Google Stadia is a messy one, but the game is in a better state now than it has been in the past. For a little while recently, players on Stadia were left without cross-platform play, but that’s been fixed up with the arrival of the game’s “Worldslayers” update.

As some folks on Reddit pointed out, crossplay is back with version 1.20, which is live now. There’s also potential that the game has tweaked its graphic settings and performance on Stadia, which is always nice to see.

Baldur’s Gate III Patch 8

The latest update to Baldur’s Gate is going out, with a healthy changelog to show for it. You can see the full list of changes over on the Larian Forums, but below we’ve captured the Stadia-specific changes.

  • Optimised savegames to load faster. Syncing cross savegames checks for and warns of insufficient space.
  • Fixed ‘Accept Changes’ in video settings.
  • Fixed black portrait on save screen.
  • Fixed walking away from speaking NPCs showing empty HP bar.
  • Can’t choose same bonus twice during active roll when refreshing or changing controller mode anymore.
  • Fixed ‘Error 502’ when trying to save.
  • Fixed bugs related to Stadia controller and hotbar actions.
  • Fixed duplicated main weapon actions on main hotbar when clearing other slots on gamepad UI.
  • Fixed missing bow weapon sounds when shot by Raging barbarians.
  • Salazon no longer stares at you intently.
  • Pressing Up on left analogue stick no longer plays clicking sound.

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