Stadia Changelog: FIFA 23 is confirmed as Into the Breach picks up free ‘Advanced Edition’ update

Stadia Changelog: FIFA 23 is confirmed as Into the Breach picks up free ‘Advanced Edition’ update

Big games have been what’s missing from Google Stadia so far this year, but the platform has been officially confirmed for a big one. FIFA 23 is coming to Stadia.

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New games on Google Stadia

No new games were released on Stadia this week, though Phoenix Point: Complete Edition was added to the store as a new bundle, and Madden NFL 22 MVP Edition was also added as a new bundle offer.

Google has added 41 new games to Stadia so far this year. In 2021, Google delivered 107 new titles to the Stadia library, and the company promised at least 100 new games during 2022, a tall order at this current rate – but more weeks like this one would certainly help the platform achieve that promise.

Notably, Google has stopped including the promise of 100 new games in its most recent community updates and blog posts, with the last mention having been in March.

Games coming to Stadia

Easily the biggest news around Stadia this week is that EA has confirmed it will bring FIFA 23 to the platform. This marks the third installment of the franchise on Google’s platform, and it’s certainly the biggest game being released on Stadia this year. FIFA 23 is the final installment in the “FIFA” franchise, and it comes with support for cross-platform multiplayer that works with Stadia, Women’s tournaments, and more.

FIFA 23 is available now for pre-order on Stadia and releases on September 30.

No other new games were confirmed for Stadia this week.


Orcs Must Die 3 is free for the weekend

One of Stadia’s timed exclusives, since released on other platforms, is taking part in Stadia Free Play Days. Through July 25, Orcs Must Die 3 is free to play on Stadia for everyone. You’ll need to make a free Stadia account to play, but a Pro subscription is not required.

You can check out our review of Orcs Must Die 3 from 2020 for more details on the game, which has since picked up multiple expansions and additional content.

Into the Breach picks up major free update on Stadia

Into the Breach has added support for its “Advanced Edition” update on Stadia. The update was released onto other platforms a day or so prior to Stadia, but brings the same updates to Stadia. That includes new squads, weapons, pilots, enemies, missions, and a new difficulty setting.

You may need to manually check for updates for the Switch version! (press ‘+’ and go to ‘Software Update’)

Please note it might take a little while to become available on all platforms.

Check out our website for more details!

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Jedi: Fallen Order has a final boss glitch

As pointed out on Reddit this week, but seemingly existing for quite a while now, EA’s Jedi: Fallen Order seems to have developed a glitch during its final boss battle. Apparently, the game has a tendency to freeze while playing the final boss for some players. The issue appears to have come up over the past few months or so, but it’s unclear if it affects all players.

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