Selling a smart watch?  This is how you get the most for your old watch

Selling a smart watch? This is how you get the most for your old watch

Are you going to buy a new smartwatch? Cool! Have fun with your purchase. In this article we explain the best way to wear out your old watch. These tips make selling your smartwatch a breeze.

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Selling a smartwatch: tips for the preparation

1. Backup and do not lose data

5 manieren om je oude smartwatch een nieuw leven in te blazen

It is good preparation half job. This saying also applies to selling a smartwatch. It is especially important that you make a good backup beforehand. This backup contains all your personal apps and files.

Your smartwatch will probably automatically back up regularly via the linked app on your smartwatch. If this is not the case – or if you just prefer to be on the safe side – you can of course also make a backup copy manually.

How this works exactly depends on the watch brand. For example, with Samsung smartwatches, go to the Samsung Wearable app

on your smartphone, but with Fitbit watches you make a backup via the official website.

Speaking of which, when you switch from one smartwatch brand to another, you also need a backup to take all your personal files with you. You can also use an app (from the Play Store) for this, since there are several applications for this.

2. Reset: Back to base

Smartwatches may be smart are, but in most cases they do not stand (entirely) on their own two feet. Most smart watches need to be paired with a smartphone to be able to use all functions. If you are going to sell the smartwatch, you have to disconnect the two. That way, the new owner can make a fresh start and all your personal data has been erased from the watch.

Exactly how this works again differs per brand. With most models you can perform a hard reset via the settings. We use Samsung as an example.

You can unpair a Samsung smartwatch via the Settings app (on the watch itself). Go to ‘General’, choose ‘Reset’ and follow the instructions on the screen. By the way, you can also unpair the watch via the companion smartphone app. For this you simply dive into the settings, choose ‘General’ followed by ‘Reset’ and follow the further instructions.

3. Cleaning: A fresh wrist for the new owner

A fresh smartwatch sells better than a scruffy one. It is therefore no superfluous luxury to clean the watch beforehand. In the article below we explain exactly how you can best clean a smartwatch.

→ How to get a smartwatch schoonmaken bacterien smartwatch to clean

In short, it means that you first brush the watch to remove dust and sand residues. Then clean the screen with a (microfibre) cloth and possibly an alcohol solution (of 70 percent).

In any case, do not use chemicals or stubborn solutions. Also be careful when cleaning the wristband. Leather straps, for example, absolutely cannot withstand water.

Smartwatch verkopen samsung back up maken

4 . Collect the accessories

5 manieren om je oude smartwatch een nieuw leven in te blazen

Also important: make your smartwatch as complete as possible. Do you still have the various accessories, such as the box and charging cable? Then it is so neat to collect these things.

You can also include the original purchase invoice, as this increases the value of your smartwatch. Scratch out any sensitive information, such as your bank account number.

5 . Selling a smartwatch: where can you go?

Your used smartwatch is worth money. How much you get in return depends on the model, brand and condition, among other things. A good-looking clock that cost 600 euros when purchased, is of course worth more than a 200 euros smartwatch with the necessary signs of wear.

You can sell a smartwatch in different ways. The easiest way is to hand the clock over to a friend, family member or colleague for a friendly price. If the recipient is very dear to you, it is of course sympathetic to give the watch as a gift.

You can also sell a smartwatch via Marktplaats, Facebook groups or other websites. It is especially important that you take good, clear photos. Be honest about the condition of the watch, because you don’t want the deal to fail at a later time. In addition, you should always pay attention when trading online, because used smartwatches are popular targets for unsavory types.

Don’t feel like meeting strangers at the door? There are also companies that specialize in buying second-hand electronics. First you have to register your smartwatch via the website, after which an offer is made. If this amount is approved, you send the package (usually free of charge).

Then the company will check whether the condition corresponds to what you have indicated on the form. If this is the case, the promised amount will be transferred to your account. Well-known and reliable buyers are reBuy, Remarketed and Rephone.

smartwatchmerk garmin fenix 7x Google Pixel WatchTiming is everythingDeze smartwatches verwachten we nog in 2022

Wherever you’re going to sell your smartwatch, timing is everything. A smartwatch drops in value anyway, but this goes extra fast in the weeks leading up to the announcement of a new model.

At that time, many people want to get rid of their old model, which floods the (second-hand) market. Thanks to this increased offer, the price will of course decrease. Those who are smart will therefore sell their smartwatch a little earlier. At that time, many people do not yet know that a new watch is coming and you can take advantage of this.

How do you know if a new smartwatch is coming? By reading the news. Multiple websites, including Android Planet, writing about upcoming smartwatches. For example, we are currently looking forward to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 (Pro) and Google Pixel Watch.

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