Sell ​​phone?  This is how you get the best price for your old device

Sell ​​phone? This is how you get the best price for your old device

Are you going to buy a new smartphone? Congratulations and have fun with it! But, what should you do with your old device? In this article we explain the best way to sell your phone.

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A good start is half done

Selling a phone takes some preparation. The most important tip is to make a backup. That way you take all your personal files, data and apps with you to your new phone.

There are several ways to backup your Android phone. The easiest option is through your Google account. Simply make a backup on the device you are going to sell and then log in to the new copy via Google. You can now easily restore the backup you made.

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Then factory reset your old phone . This gives the new owner a fresh start and allows him or her to set up the device entirely to their own preferences. You also prevent your personal files and photos from roaming around on the device. After all, every trace of your use has disappeared.

Also important: remove all cards from the phone that you are going to sell. You probably don’t forget your SIM card that quickly (provided you don’t have an Esim), but also think of any memory cards. There may still be personal files and photos on the micro-SD card.

Finally, it is important to properly clean your phone. Take a cloth over the device, collect any accessories (such as the charging cable) and do you still have a receipt/invoice? Then add this, because a proof of purchase increases the value of your old smartphone.

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Timing is everything

A phone decreases in value very quickly. The moment you take the device out of the packaging, a large part of the (sales) price is immediately deducted. As time goes by, this process gets faster and faster.

However, you can exercise some influence on the selling price. How? By timing the sale well. It is especially important to sell your phone a few months before the announcement of the successor. At that time, many people do not yet know that a new model is coming, so take advantage of this.

There is no exact formula to find the right moment to sell. We can give an example. Now if you have a Samsung Galaxy S22, it is best to sell these in the months of October, November and December of 2022. Its successor, the Samsung Galaxy S23, is expected in February 2023. It is therefore not convenient to get rid of your old phone (the S22) in January or February 2023, because with the successor at the door, it simply delivers less.

Usually it is not useful to sell your smartphone after announcing a successor. After all, you are not the only one who wants to get rid of her or his old device, and this pushes the sales price down. In addition, a manufacturer usually lowers the suggested retail prices of previous models at that time.

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Sell old phone for the right price

Refurbished Android-telefoon kopen? Bij deze partijen kun je terecht

An old smartphone is almost always worth money. Especially if you have a recent model, you can often get a nice amount for it. But, what price should you think about?

If you have no idea how much your old smartphone is worth, it is best to take a look at Refurbished Android-telefoon kopen? Bij deze partijen kun je terecht providers of refurbished devices. These types of telephones have been used before and may have some signs of wear, but are technically in new condition. They are also sold with a warranty.

So don’t assume that your old phone is worth as much as a refurbished one. It would be wiser to go for something below this price. You can also look at the current sales prices on Marktplaats and other trading platforms.

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Motorola Moto G52 reviewMotorola Moto G52 review

Motorola Moto G52 reviewSell old phone via MarktplaatsMotorola Moto G52 review

Speaking of which: Marktplaats is by far the most popular way to sell old smartphones. The website has a lot of visitors and placing an ad is free after all. You can still place your ad for a fee, but this is probably not necessary. It is wiser to place good photos with your offer, because then you sell the device faster.

Be careful. Not everyone on Marktplaats has the best intentions and old phones are loved by scammers. Selling via Marktplaats (and other trading platforms such as Ebay or Facebook Marketplace) is never completely risk-free, but you can take some precautions.

Therefore, agree a price clearly in advance and only send the device after you have received it. received money. Also check whether the buyer has good ratings on Marktplaats and how long he/she has been a member. Is the person coming to pick up the device from your home? Make sure you are not alone in the house.

Motorola Moto G52 review

Or through a buyerMotorola Moto G52 review

Don’t feel like strangers about the floor? Then sell your old smartphone at a company. These parties are specialized in buying up old electronics and make an offer via their website.

You start the sales process by looking up your phone (model) and telling us about the (external) condition. Of course, a slick device yields more than a copy with the necessary signs of use, so be honest about this when registering. This prevents the bid from being lowered during the check because you presented things better.

Do you like the offer? Then confirm the sale and send the device (usually free of charge). The buyer will now check the phone and pay the promised amount, provided the expectations are met.

You can also increasingly hand in your old phone when buying a new one. You will then receive a voucher that you can spend on a new smartphone.

Sell a broken phone

Does your smartphone have a had such a hard life that it no longer turns on at all? Then don’t throw it away, because it is certainly still of value. Recycling companies disassemble the device and ensure that the materials are reused in a sustainable way.

In some cases, a broken phone is still worth money. With many buyers you can indicate which part is broken (such as the screen), after which the bid will be reduced.

If this amount is too low, you can always try it on Marktplaats. There are plenty of Handy Harry’s who see it as a challenge to get faulty smartphones working again. It may not yield much, but every euro is a nice bonus.

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Buy a new phone?

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