Scale Impact

Scale Impact

Startupper stars behind the €25,000 support program.

Scale Impact is looking for non-profit organizations or social enterprises committed to sustainable food supply or education for its 2-year program starting in the autumn, which, with the support and use of the knowledge of companies, develops them into professional, efficient impact organizations, so that they are more “resilient” in terms of finance, management and sustainability. to be In the “autumn 2022 non-profit development tender”, 6 organizations can win a grant of 25,000 euros per participant. It is important for companies to be able to work with advanced non-profit organizations, especially from the point of view of employer branding and the attraction and retention of the workforce. Scale Impact is a social enterprise that aims to connect organizations with social utility (non-profit organizations or social enterprises) with companies that want to raise the level of environmental and/or social responsibility. Partly from these corporate grants, the non-profit organization participates in a development process in which, with the help of experts, they make their operation efficient from a financial, management and sustainability point of view. As a result, they can perform their world-improving work in a more professional manner, and their positive social and environmental impact increases – the latter is called “impact” in international parlance.

“Effective tools for the mentioned areas are missing from the inventory of most domestic impact organizations”, says Gábor Lévai, co-founder of Scale Impact. “Because of this, many people do not get enough partners and income, they have difficulty following the legal requirements, they are not resilient in difficult times”. However, through the two-year development process of Scale Impact, they are prepared to be able to cooperate with companies as partners in the long term. And for the latter, this is good because they can now carry out their almost “mandatory” CSR activities together with a non-profit partner working for a cause important to them, and this has an extremely serious effect (among other things) on the employer brand value (employer branding), and can even increase the value of the brand itself . The social enterprise has just announced its “autumn 2022 non-profit development tender”, in which they are looking for impact organizations dealing with sustainable food supply and education. “The process starts with filling out a questionnaire that takes 40 minutes. During this, we get an idea of ​​what the nonprofit organization’s self-awareness is like, where its development is,” says András Harsányi, the other co-founder of Scale Impact.

Every organization that fills out the questionnaire receives written feedback, which is valuable in itself: the evaluation is a mirror that shows the direction of action, the areas to be improved, so that the organization can have a greater impact on the world and achieve its goals more efficiently. The most relevant organizations are then interviewed, which determines whether they can participate in the two-year development process worth 25,000 euros, with corporate support and the involvement of professional developers. The founders : Gábor Lévai
– former secretary general of the Hungarian Leasing Association, one of the founders of Green Brands, spent time in product and business development in the banking sector After 15 years, in the last 10 years – as the founder and consultant of Civil Support – he has worked with hundreds of NGOs, social enterprises and companies. András Harsányi – For 13 years he worked in real estate development at Euro Ingatlan, previously at Plaza Centers, but he realized that this profession does not have a positive social impact. He has been dealing with civil organizations and social enterprises for 5 years. For years, he has been teaching non-profit organizations financial management and mentoring many organizations in the financial and business development fields. Péter Csillag
bought his global data mining startup Starschema, which works for the largest Silicon Valley tech companies, in January an Indian investor for HUF 13 billion, since then he has been active as a business angel, and is also the president of HUNBAN, the domestic association of business angels.Andrá Fülöps), the Hungarian CEO of the consulting company Deloitte resigned last year
Zoltán Györkő, as the co-founder and CEO of Balabit, a star in the startup world, built an internationally recognized software company, which was acquired by an American strategic investor. He currently works as an angel investor and executive coach, and is a member of Startup Hungary’s board of trustees.Péter Kalmár
, founder and head of the Flow group, one of the market-leading organizational development and consulting companies.Hardware, software, tests, interesting and colorful news from the world of IT by clicking here!

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