Rumor: Nothing is working on a cheaper Phone (1) Lite

Rumor: Nothing is working on a cheaper Phone (1) Lite

The Phone (1) has only just been released and there are already rumors about Nothing’s next phone. Logically we expect the Nothing Phone (2), but a Lite version of the Phone (1) seems to be coming first.

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‘Nothing Phone (1 ) Lite in development according to sources’

The upcoming ‘budget’ phone from Nothing is broadly similar to the Phone (1), but without the exuberant light installation at the back . That says The Mobile Indian to know through reliable sources. Wireless charging is also suspended for the Lite phone. The back will therefore no longer be transparent, but closed.

The regular Nothing Phone (1) officially came on the market on 21 July with a suggested retail price of 469 euros. The entry-level model of the Nothing Phone (1) Lite is about 25 percent cheaper, according to the sources. On the Dutch market, this means that you pay around 350 euros for the Lite version. It is important to know that Nothing denies the rumor. We therefore take the news with a large grain of salt.

The flashy back of the Nothing Phone (1) is for many the reason to purchase the device. And that despite the higher price compared to other smartphones in the price range. For other smartphones with similar specifications as the Phone (1) you pay a lot less. So it remains to be seen how the Lite version will sell.

Nothing Phone (1) Lite specifications

Nothing has been officially announced about the Nothing Phone (1) Lite yet, but according to the sources, the device retains most of the specifications of the regular Phone (1). It has a Snapdragon 778G Plus chip, a 120Hz AMOLED screen and two 50 megapixel cameras on the back. The operating system is likely to remain Nothing Phone (1)Android 12 with the Nothing OS shell over it.

Nothing Phone (1)Nothing Phone (1)

Android Planet recently reviewed the Nothing Phone (1) and was critical of the extra functionalities of the light installation on the back. Is the cheaper Lite version without (unnecessary) extras a good choice? In any case, you will stand out a lot less than with the Nothing Phone (1).

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