Popular DNA tests will be the raw material for biological weapons

Popular DNA tests will be the raw material for biological weapons

A member of the US House Intelligence Committee warns Americans against using DNA test kits.

Biosamples collected by various DNA testing services could be put on the black market and used to develop bioweapons specifically tailored to target specific groups or even individuals, US lawmakers said at the Aspen Security Forum – echoing concerns long voiced by Russian officials.”There are weapons being developed and developed that are designed to target specific people,” US Rep. Jason Crow, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, said in Colorado last week.

“It’s about actually being able to take someone’s DNA, take their medical profile, and target them with a biological weapon that kills them or takes them off the battlefield or incapacitates them.”

Crow added that what is worrying about this threat is the level at which privacy expectations have fallen over the past 20 years, to the point where young people have “very little expectation of privacy” and are willing to hand over their data to private companies such as for DNA testing services. “People are very quick to spit into a glass, send it to 23andMe, and get very interesting data about their roots,” Crow said. “And guess what! Their DNA is now owned by a private company. It can be sold with very little intellectual property protection or privacy.”He added that the United States must develop new policies to protect personal health data, including DNA, “because that data is actually going to be obtained and collected by our adversaries to develop these systems.”

Is professional sample collection taking place?Moscow has been warning about the dangers of uncontrolled collection of DNA samples for years, and President Vladimir Putin stated in 2017 that, according to the Russian intelligence services, biological samples are “targeted and professionally” collected throughout Russia by various NGOs and other companies for unclear purposes. In recent years, the Pentagon has “significantly expanded its research capabilities not only in the field of creating biological weapons, but also obtained information about antibiotic resistance and the presence of antibodies to certain diseases in the population of certain regions,” said Lt. Gen. Igor Kirillov, head of the chemical and biological defense forces of Russia’s Radiation Protection Agency. in May. In a series of briefings that began in March, the Russian military presented evidence of the Pentagon’s alleged involvement in funding biolabs in Ukraine. According to the Russian Investigative Committee, the USA spent more than 224 million dollars in biological research in Ukraine between 2005 and the beginning of 2022. Although Washington has acknowledged that it has supported 46 biological research facilities in Ukraine over the past 20 years, it insists that it was all part of a peaceful public health project. The US military has accused Russia and China of “spreading disinformation and fueling mistrust” about its efforts to rid the world of weapons of mass destruction – while Western media dismissed the claims as conspiracy theories and science fiction.

It can cause a food safety crisis if plants and animals are attacked Concerns about personalized bioweapons extend beyond human DNA data, according to Sen. Joni Ernst, a member of the Senate Subcommittee on New Threats and Capabilities and the Armed Services Committee, who spoke with Crow on a panel discussion. America’s adversaries can direct biological weapons specifically against American livestock and crops in order to cause a food security crisis, he claimed.”There are many ways to look at biological weapons and the fact that we have to secure not only people, but also the food that sustains us,” Ernst added.According to a report released earlier this year by the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission, China may one day attempt to launch biological warfare against genetically modified US crops, given its increased interest in US agriculture and intellectual property related to GMOs. “While China’s main interest in obtaining GM seeds from the United States is to improve crop yields, it is conceivable that agricultural intellectual property rights could be used as a potential weapon,” the report said. “Like cracking computer codes, Beijing could easily crack the code or DNA of American GM seeds and engage in biological warfare by creating some kind of worm epidemic that could destroy American crops”.Hardware, software, tests, interesting and colorful news from the world of IT by clicking here!

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