Parkour guerrillas fight wasteful light pollution

Parkour guerrillas fight wasteful light pollution

They don’t understand why the shops need to be lit up at night.

One of humanity’s biggest problems is food waste – according to experts, at least a third (!!!) of our produced food ends up in the trash today. If only this could be eliminated, there would be food for almost everyone on the planet. At least as big a problem is the waste of energy, which is caused, among other things, by the neglect of energy efficiency – i.e. poor-quality insulation, high-consuming household and industrial appliances and the like. However, the problem is also aggravated by factors such as the lighting of shops at night – for which there is no logical explanation, since only a few people walk on the street at night and it is unlikely that a shop window or a company logo that is clearly visible from afar would encourage anyone to come the next day use the services of that company. In other words, decoratively lit shops, company centers and the like at night are only good for wasting energy and increasing light pollution in settlements, which has a harmful effect on wildlife and people’s health.A fényszennyezés akár komoly alvászavarokat is okozhat (Fotó: Unsplash/Francois Le Nguyen)Light pollution can even cause serious sleep disturbances (Photo: Unsplash/Francois Le Nguyen) This was noticed by the French On the Spot parkour collective, who chose a spectacular way to protest – writes Euronews. When walking the streets of Paris, young people visit unnecessarily lit buildings and shops, and if they can, they turn off the lights. To do this, they often have to reach switches installed high up, in which case their parkour skills come in handy, with the help of which they can run up the walls to reach the switches of the neon signs.

Éteignez la lumière !!!!!

— bil le creusois (@bil_le_creusois) July 9, 2022Képünk illusztráció: a parkour művelői a városi épített környezetet felhasználva mutatnak be nyaktörő ugrásokat (Fotó: Unsplash/Liam Shaw)

It is incomprehensible to us why so many neon signs light up at night. And for us, this social activity allows us to translate our words into actions

– pointed out Kevin Ha, a member of On the Spot. The team respects private property as much as possible. According to Ha, “one of the essence of the idea is not to harm anything, as we operate as a harmless movement”.Our image is an illustration: parkour practitioners use the urban built environment to demonstrate neck-breaking jumps (Photo: Unsplash/Liam Shaw) In France, a law was passed in 2013 that obliges shops to turn off their lights between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m. – those who fail to do so face a fine of 750 euros. The provision was expected to allow the emission of 250,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year – which, by the way, corresponds to the annual consumption of roughly 750,000 French households.

There is no reason for a shop to be lit up like this at night (Photo: Unsplash/Ty Koh) The law originally applied to municipalities with fewer than 800,000 inhabitants, but this week the French government announced that the provision would be extended to the entire country. Despite this, the enforcement of the law was not really enforced, so to this day there are many shops that do not turn off the lights at night. The members of On the Spot protest against this with their actions and hope to draw attention to the problem with the videos. There is no problem with views, the video embedded in the article has already been viewed by more than 133 thousand people. We have more to tell you, you can find all the interesting things here!

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