Not everyone bought the first Rimac Nevera electric hypercar

Not everyone bought the first Rimac Nevera electric hypercar

The happy owner was personally guided by Mate Rimac in the factory in Zagreb.

Perhaps the most exciting company in the world of electric cars at the moment is the Croatian Rimac – more precisely, the company’s full name is now Bugatti Rimac after the partnership agreement with the Italian manufacturer, but this does not detract from company founder Mate Rimac of the merits of . The now 33-year-old Rimac became interested in electric cars at the age of 19, in fact, he converted his 1984 BMW into an electric one even then. He also founded Greyp Bikes, a company that has since been acquired by Porsche, which develops electric bicycles. However, his biggest success is undoubtedly the founding of Rimac Automobili in 2009, with which he develops limited-edition electric cars. The company recently received half a billion dollars (!) in venture capital from investors such as Goldman Sachs and SoftBank – it is no coincidence that the company is now valued at two billion dollars by financial specialists.

The Rimac Nevera is currently the world’s fastest-accelerating commercial car (Photo: In 2018, the Croatian startup presented a hyper sports car called Rimac Nevera at the Geneva Motor Show, still in the form of a concept car, which can attract the attention of any car enthusiast with its hair-raising features. The more than 2.1-ton machine catapults its passengers from a standstill to 100 km/h in 1.85 seconds, but it only needs 9.3 seconds to reach 300 km/h. By the way, the indicator hangs around 415 km/h, which of course can only be tested legally on racetracks. Four electric motors are used for this, with a total output of 1914 horsepower. The Nevera has recently received permission for road traffic, so there is no longer any obstacle for sufficiently wealthy owners to drive a truly special vehicle. Nico Rosberg, who won the 2016 Formula 1 championship title, is such a sufficiently wealthy person, who had no problem paying for the car 2 .4 million dollars. In a video released yesterday, the German-Finnish ex-racer showed what it feels like to take over a vehicle of this caliber. Rosberg was welcomed by Mate Rimac himself at the company’s plant in Zagreb, who before the big unveiling gave the former F1 champion a little tour of the Rimac Campus, currently the largest construction site in Croatia. The result of the development, realized with an investment of two hundred million euros, is a fully self-sustaining plant, where the water used is not extracted from the network, but rainwater is stored and used, in addition, energy is produced with solar cells and stored locally.During the conversation, Nico Rosberg mentions that a few years ago Mate Rimac offered him to invest in the company, but he did not take advantage of the opportunity, which he later regrets.

Nico Rosberg ismerkedik a 001-es sorszámú Rimac Neverájával (Fotó:
Nico Rosberg gets to know his Rimac Nevera with serial number 001 (Photo: Finally – from 8.22 in the video above – we arrive at the big unveiling, when Rosberg can finally see his car with serial number 001 (a total of 150 Nevera cars will be produced). The car was fully customized according to the needs of the competitor, so in addition to the shiny black carbon pattern paint, the brake calipers were also painted black for his pleasure. The keys to the car are hidden in a metal box also made in the factory, the serial number 001/150 can be seen on the inside of the box, which indicates that this is the first Nevera to be sold commercially. Mate Rimac revealed that even the keys were manufactured in-house, because they did not want to use a key that could come back from another car.

I once had a Ferrari, but it was a huge disappointment that the key was like a simple street car key

– mentioned Rosberg with a grin.

This car was not built to gather dust in a garage or be used as an ornament. We built it to have fun

– emphasized Mate Rimac before the competitor took his seat in the black covered interior.

The former Formula 1 champion was also satisfied with the $2.4 million car

(Photo: Rosberg could pull off the protective film covering the speedometer himself, the factory workers did not even allow Mate Rimac to do this. The company founder points out that even the touch screen built into the center console was manufactured in-house to fit perfectly into the interior, where not a single button or component from another car was used. By the way, the Nevera has 14 cameras, some of which are for security – such as the unit built next to the door, which works with facial recognition and enables keyless opening (by the way, the car can also be opened with a phone application). The rest of the cameras will be needed for the self-driving functions. By the way, Mate Rimac wants to develop level 4 self-driving for the Nevera, which is already capable of self-driving on racetracks at the same speed as the company’s test pilots. And the remaining cameras were built into the car so that the driver does not have to attach a separate action camera to the windshield. In addition, these units also record the car’s telemetry and make it visible when viewing the recordings.It is interesting that the Nevera has a small display in front of the passenger’s eyes, which shows the most important driving data, such as the speed – and in drift mode it shows the angle of drifting.Nico Rosberg was understandably very happy with the car, and he promised viewers of his YouTube channel that in the next video he will show how Mate Rimac felt next to him while testing his new car on a mountain road. We have more to tell you, you can find all the interesting things here!

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