Is it still worth buying 2020 Apple products?

Is it still worth buying 2020 Apple products?

The M1 MacBook Air and the iPhone 12 series debuted two years ago, and they are still officially on sale – not by chance.

Apple products may not be the best choice for everyone, but anyone who buys an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook can have an excellent user experience. The company supports its devices for a long time, they receive updates for much longer than in the case of Android devices, and if we do not expose them to extreme effects (for example, do not immerse them in water), in the worst case, a cleaning or a battery change should be like in their youth. New Apple products released in 2020 or before are still available in stores, you can also buy iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, smartwatches and accessories from that year. These are typically cheaper than the latest devices, but what can we expect from them in terms of durability?

The old iPhone is also the new iPhone

The iPhone 12 series is a milestone in the history of Apple smartphones

in several ways. Instead of the previous, rounded design, the manufacturer returned to the square edges seen on the iPhone 5, introduced the mini model with a smaller screen, the MagSafe system offering a magnetic connection, and equipped all members of the series with 5G support. In addition, all models have excellent cameras, especially the Pro and Pro Max. The iPhone 13 series is a wrinkle in comparison, the display can refresh at 120 Hz, the cameras are slightly better and the cutout on the front is a little smaller, but it is not noticeable to the average user huge difference. We don’t yet know what the iPhone 14 models coming out in the fall will offer, but there probably won’t be any revolutionary innovations again, so whoever chooses the iPhone 12 this year will be absolutely fine and will be able to use a reliable device for many, many years to come.

M1 or M2?

Apple cooperated with Intel for many years, but the company decided to develop its own chip in order to provide the best possible performance. In 2020, the Apple M1 was introduced, which is capable of amazing performance, the machines equipped with it not only in terms of raw power, but also in terms of operating time are far superior to the Intel MacBooks . Although the M2 has already been introduced this year in a MacBook Pro that adheres to the old design and in the completely reformed MacBook Air, the jump in performance is not so significant that it is worth choosing the better model for everyone – the price difference is nevertheless significant, with the Air you can save HUF 150,000 for those who can afford it. with the 2020 model, it still only makes minimal compromises, especially as an average user. How timeless MacBooks are is clearly shown by the fact that the latest version of macOS, Ventura, can be run even on devices released in 2017 – an M1 MacBook will easily last for at least the next 5 years. The M1 has already appeared in iPad Pros, but the problem with these is that few software make use of the power of the processor. Tablets equipped with an A-series chip provide an impeccable experience, whether it is the basic iPad, mini, Air or Pro

, it is certain that those who decide in favor of these will not regret it – they will be able to switch to M in 3-4 years.

Smart watch, earphones and everything else

Apple Watch smart watches develop less spectacularly, they are usually equipped with various health-supporting functions, the screen is enlarged, and their durability is improved. This is also thanks to long-term support: the Series 3, released in 2017, is still available, although the next version of watchOS will no longer run on it. If you are looking for a cost-effective solution, the best choice is the Apple Watch SE, which, although it does not offer as many health functions as the Series 6 or Series 7, is much cheaper and yet modern enough that we do not have to think about switching for a long time. The Series 6 is also a great choice, those who choose it instead of the Series 7 will give up on insignificant new features. As for other devices, the 2019 AirPods Pro are still Apple’s best wireless earbuds, and those who get the 2017 Apple TV or its updated 2021 model won’t be left out either, both of which support the access to popular streaming services and the Apple Arcade game catalog. Apple is definitely a manufacturer whose products you should definitely think about buying previous models – if a new model from one of them is still available, you should consider purchasing it instead of the latest and most expensive offers.

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