Huawei Band 7, review: watch body, soul of a very good smart bracelet

Huawei Band 7, review: watch body, soul of a very good smart bracelet

We have spent a few days with the Huawei Band 7 to tell you everything you need to know about it. Attention Xiaomi Band 7, here you have a tough competitor.

When talking about smart bracelets , it is normal that the first thing we think of is the My Smart Band Xiaomi, as it is the most popular of all. However, Huawei is also doing a very good job with your Huawei Band, a smartband that is not afraid in stand up to that of Xiaomi offering very good features for an equally affordable price.

The latest generation of Huawei’s smart bracelet is the Huawei Band 7, which arrived on the market in June . It was not on any date, it was a few days before the arrival of the Xiaomi Band 7 to attack first. Now it’s our turn, let’s Analyze the Huawei Band 7 to find your strengths and weaknesses, and thus discover if it is worth your purchase.

When talking about these smart bracelets, it is also Interesting to compare it with the previous generation, since sometimes the improvements are minimal and it is not worth changing to the new model. For this reason, in this analysis we will also talk a lot about the Huawei Band 6. Without further delay, join us to discover everything you need to know about the new Huawei Band 7 before buying it.

Huawei Band 7, análisis: cuerpo de reloj, alma de una muy buena pulsera inteligente

The Huawei Band 7 in the pink tone // Image: Beatriz Alcántara Gil.

Huawei Band 7, opinion and rating

Huawei Band 7, opinion and note from Andro4all

  • Conclusions
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  • Should I buy the Huawei Band 7?
    In favor
    • Light and comfortable
    • Quality screen
    • Accurate sport and health functions
    • Long autonomy
    • Few improvements
    • No Auto Brightness
    The Huawei Band 7 is a smart bracelet that shines in the most important sections: design, screen, autonomy and sports functions and Health. This does not prevent us from missing such useful tools as automatic brightness. In addition, the news regarding the Huawei Band 6 are scarce.

    Over 100

    Huawei Band 7

    A very complete smart bracelet in the body of a watch.

    The Huawei Band 7 is a smart bracelet that has convinced us enormously during these days of testing. It is so comfortable that, on some occasions, we did not even notice that we were wearing it. In addition, the content is seen with good quality on its AMOLED screen, the autonomy can be close to 10 days even when we demand a lot of it, and the sports and health functions work with good precision.

    This leads us to recommend the purchase of the Huawei Band 7 if you do not have a smart bracelet and you want to buy one. Without a doubt, it can also be a good gift for a loved one.

    The other option is that you already have a smart bracelet , like the Huawei Band 6 itself, and you are considering the change to the new generation. In this case, we tell you that the purchase is not worth it, because the improvements are minimal and hardly affect the performance of the device.

    Price and where to buy the Huawei Band 7

    The Huawei Band 7 has a recommended retail price of 59 euros and is available in four different colors: black, pink (protagonist of this analysis), green and red . Currently, it is for sale both in the Huawei official store as well as other distributors, like Amazon. In addition, you must take into account that in both stores stars in some offers , so you just have to be careful to buy it even cheaper.

    Huawei Band 7Where is the Huawei Band 7?

    The Huawei Band 7 is the new generation of the Huawei Band, the line of smart bracelets manufactured by Huawei. It arrives to replace the Huawei Band 6 on the market , without implying a radical change in its characteristics. Mainly, the Band 7 is characterized by being thinner and lighter than the previous model. While the dimensions of the Huawei Band 6 are 43 x 25.4 x 10.99 mm, with a weight of 18 grams, the Huawei Band 7 measures 44.35 x 26 x 9.99 mm and weighs 16 grams.

    Huawei Band 6

    Changes in the design can also be seen in the colors in which the Huawei Band 7 is available. The black and pink models remain, while the green is one shade lighter than Band 6 and the one in red is somewhat darker . In addition, the Huawei Band 7 has a broader catalog of faces than the previous generation, users can download more than 8,000 different designs .

    Furthermore, both are also different in price, the Huawei Band 6 is noticeably cheaper as it has been on the market for more of a year Beyond these details, the last two Huawei smart bracelets are based on features.

    Therefore, currently, the Huawei Band 7 is the reference smart bracelet in the Huawei catalog . A step above are smart watches like the Huawei Watch Fit Active, which has been on the market for a few months now, but which has more such as GPS.

    Huawei Watch Fit Active

    We move away from the Huawei catalog to find out which are the main rivals of the Huawei Band 7 away from home. It is not easy at all, as there are many manufacturers that have ventured into the creation of smart bracelets, aware that are very popular gadgets among the users.

    The main rival is, of course, the Xiaomi Smart Band 7, the one with which we compared it as soon as we knew the characteristics of both. If we look at the aesthetic part, the main difference is that the Huawei Band 7 has a design more similar to that of a smart watch, with a large, square screen. At the moment, the Xiaomi bracelet maintains the rounded shape of its screen, preserving the usual “look” of a smartband.

    Xiaomi Smart Band 7

    Both manufacturers have gone increasing the size of the screens of these devices progressively, although it is the Xiaomi Band 7 that wins the battle at the moment. The Xiaomi bracelet has a size of 1.62 inches, while Huawei’s stays at 1.47 inches .

    A point in favor of the Huawei Band 7 compared to the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 is that it is lighter, it weighs 16 grams compared to 22.1 grams of its rival. It is also superior in terms of autonomy, although the battle is won by the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 when it comes to sports modes, 120 compared to the 96 of the Huawei.

    Therefore, we could say that the Huawei Band 7 has In its favor, the fact of having a design similar to that of smart watches, its lightness and greater autonomy, while the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 has a larger screen and more sports modes. Beyond these aspects, the two offer very similar performance.

    Honor Band 6

    In the market we can find other rivals for Huawei’s smart bracelet, such as the Honor Band 6, which is very similar in features . For example, both have a 1.47-inch AMOLED screen and a battery that can last up to two weeks. Being a 2021 model, the Honor one has dropped in price.

    Technical data sheet

    Huawei Band 7

  • 44.35 x 26 x 9.99mm Huawei Band 7, análisis: cuerpo de reloj, alma de una muy buena pulsera inteligenteHuawei Band 7, análisis: cuerpo de reloj, alma de una muy buena pulsera inteligente16 grams
  • Connectivity
  • Bluetooth 5.0 BLE
    • Water up to 5 ATM deep
    • Starting price

      Screen 1.47-inch color AMOLED

      194 x 368 pixels

      Compatibility Android 6.0 onwards

      iOS 9.0 onwards

      Drums Up to 14 days Huawei Band 7, análisis: cuerpo de reloj, alma de una muy buena pulsera inteligenteMagnetic charge
      38 euros to change

      Design and screen

      Although its design may be confusing, the name of this gadget clearly tells us that it is a smart bracelet. Far from abandoning its strategy, Huawei has continued to choose to give this Huawei Band 7 a more smartwatch-like appearance, and the truth is that seems like a success to us. The manufacturer manages to combine the body of a watch with the soul of a bracelet.

      Despite its similarities with a smart watch, the Band 7 has a body, a screen and a strap smaller than those of a smartwatch. Therein lies one of its highlights, and it is that it is a compact and lightweight device .

      Huawei Band 7, análisis: cuerpo de reloj, alma de una muy buena pulsera inteligente

      The design of the Huawei Band 7 is similar to that of a smart watch // Image: Beatriz Alcántara Gil.

      With dimensions of 44.35 x 26 x 9.99 mm and a weight of only 16 grams, Huawei’s is a smartband that we can wear all day long. day thanks to its extreme comfort. I’m not lying to you, on some occasions I forgot I had it on because I didn’t feel it on my wrist. Unlike what happens with some smart watches, this bracelet is a device that goes completely unnoticed even when we use it to sleep.

      The Huawei Band 7 is available in four colors: black, dark red, green and pink , this last protagonist of the present analysis. Focusing on this latest model, we can tell you that has a very nice design thanks to the combination of pink on the bracelet and gold on the edges of the case. On the right side there is a button that allows us to interact with the system and which offers a firm and comfortable touch. On the other hand, on the back are the smartband sensors and the pins for magnetic charging.

      Huawei Band 7, análisis: cuerpo de reloj, alma de una muy buena pulsera inteligente

      The right side button has a firm and precise mechanism // Image: Beatriz Alcántara Gil.

      Talking about the strap is made of silicone and plays a major role in the comfort offered by the Huawei Band 7. In addition, it includes a simple mechanism that allows us to easily remove it to exchange it for other compatible straps. In this way, we can play with the design of the smart bracelet. In stores like Amazon and AliExpress Plaza you can find a multitude of different models of straps for this smartband.

      In short, I consider that the design of this Huawei Band 7 is a success, with that box wide and square that allows us to clearly differentiate them from the rest of smart bracelets From the market. In addition, the manufacturer has managed to reduce its dimensions and weight, offering us an even more comfortable device .

      As with the design, Huawei has decided not to implement major changes in terms of the screen. In fact, we find the same screen of AMOLED technology, size of 1.47 inches and resolution of 194 x 368 pixels. In practice, it is a screen of good quality, offers great results in terms of sharpness and contrast.

      The 1.47-inch AMOLED screen of the Huawei Band 7 // Image: Beatriz Alcántara Gil.

      The panel looks good from any point thanks to its good viewing angles. On the other hand, Huawei does not offer information about the brightness nits, but we can confirm that the maximum illumination of this screen is sufficient when we see it under light outdoors.

      Here, in terms of brightness, we find one of the main faults of the Huawei Band 7, and it is that it does not have automatic brightness . Therefore, we have to manually change the brightness if at any time it seems too high or insufficient. In favor we must say that there is a function to reduce the brightness automatically when it is night . It is not the automatic brightness, but at least it serves so that it does not bother us at night. In my case, I prefer to directly set the Do Not Disturb mode so that the screen does not turn on while I sleep.

      As for the functions of the screen, we must mention that within Settings> Screen we can find the “Show always on” function , which allows us to set a sphere that will be displayed forever. Of course, we can choose how long the screen will be on before turning off and if we want to activate when we touch it .

      From the Huawei Band 7 it you can change your watch face // Image: Beatriz Alcántara Gil.

      From the clock settings we can also change the clock face. If we want to access the complete catalog of designs, we must use the Huawei Health app on the mobile. There are thousands of watch faces available for download , so we can choose one for each day. By the way, this dial does not occupy the entire front of the watch, since the margins around the screen are quite pronounced . Perhaps this is the price to pay to achieve the “look” of a smart watch that Huawei is looking for, integrating too thick margins.

      On the other side is the Xiaomi Smart Band 7, which makes better use of its front by having reduced the margins and have expanded the size of its screen to 1.62 inches. Point for Xiaomi.

      Battery and charging

      The battery that equips the Huawei Band 7 has a capacity of 180 mAh and, without a doubt, it is one of the aspects that favors your purchase. According to manufacturer estimates, this battery can provide 14 days of battery life with typical use and up to 10 days with heavy use. It seems that Huawei has preferred not to touch what its smart bracelet stands out for, since the battery is the same as that of the Huawei Band 6.

      In our experience, the new Huawei Band 7 can get very close to those promised 10 days of autonomy if we maintain the connection with the phone, activated notifications, heart rate sensor and sleep analysis, in addition to performing various sports training. That is, if we maximize the capabilities of the smartband, the duration of its battery is between 9-10 days.

      The best smartwatches on the market: buying guide with the 10 best models

      Of course, if we do without some of the more demanding functions, the autonomy offered by the device will reach 14 days promised by Huawei. As always, the final duration of the battery will depend on the use of each user, although this Huawei Band 7 can boast of offering one of the longest autonomies on the market.

      When charging the battery, we must use the magnetic charger included in the box for sale, which we can connect to the computer or to an adapter that we have at home. As for the full charge time, it takes just over an hour. By the way, the protagonist of this analysis is compatible with fast charging. With 5 minutes of charging, we can get power for about 2 days. as of use. If you find that the bracelet has no battery just before leaving home, this fast charge can be a real lifesaver.

      Before finishing this section, we must specify that the autonomy of the Huawei Band 7 is greater than that of the Xiaomi Band 7. When we give intensive use to both, the Xiaomi one stays in the week of autonomy, while the Huawei one can offer us a few more days.

      Software and performance

      As we said at the beginning, the Huawei Band 7 has a body of watch, but soul of smart bracelet . It is well reflected in the device’s software, with a basic operating system with a multitude of pre-installed functions and others that we can enjoy if we connect it to our mobile phone. In this case, we must install the Huawei Health application, which is available in the Google Play Store, but needs an external update when opening it for the first time.

      Google Play Store | Huawei Salud

      Before talking about the app, we return to the operating system of the Huawei Band 7 to tell you that it is it is a RTOS (real-time operating system) developed by Huawei itself. In practice, offers fast performance , we can move between the different menus and execute the functions instantly. Of course, in this smart bracelet there is no multitasking , the activity that is being carried out cannot be complemented with another. For example, if we are monitoring a workout, we cannot use the timer.

      As we said, it is an operating system with the basic functions of a smartband. The home screen gives us access to our “Favorites” if we slide to the sides, a carousel with the most important functions for us and that can be configured from the bracelet itself . If we slide down, we find several shortcuts, while if we slide up, we see the notification screen.

      It is the right button that takes us to the applications menu , some of them can be used directly and others need the connection of our smartphone. Specifically, the list of apps available on the Huawei Band 7 is the next:

      Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity 5.0, the Huawei Band 7 can be connected with Android 6.0 or later and iOS 9.0 or later devices. The pairing process is simple, although it is possible that, as we have mentioned, it may involve updating the Huawei Health app. In addition, we must mention that the connection between the bracelet and the mobile has been good while they have been nearby.

      Using the application means multiplying the chances of the smartband. In addition to enabling functions as interesting as notifications, being able to download and install thousands of different watch faces or activate a function as useful as “Raise to activate”, Health allows us to view in great detail the data collected by the device’s sensors.

      From the “Health” tab of the app we can see the monitoring of SpO2, stress and also sleep, as well as see our entire heart rate. Also, not least, we can update the Huawei Band 7 firmware so that you have the latest news and performance improvements. As expected, on this smart bracelet we cannot install third-party applications , we can only use the apps that are installed natively.

      Other absences in this smart bracelet that we already knew is NFC technology or assistants like Alexa. In addition, the display of notifications is still limited, since does not show the emojis. The positive point is that it allows us to respond with a series of quick responses that we can configure from the application, although only from Android devices, according to Huawei.

      Sport and health functions

      These smart bracelets are also called activity bracelets or activity counters. steps because, basically, this is one of its main functions. While we wear it on the wrist, the Huawei Band 7 can record all our physical activity. In addition to counting the steps you take each day , the smartband also has 96 training modes. From the bracelet itself we can activate the automatic detection of four of them: walking, running, rowing machine and elliptical.

      There are many training modes that you can record with this gadget, from outdoor cycling to skipping rope, going through indoor swimming. Yes, you can wear the Huawei Band 7 on your wrist while swimming, for this it has water resistance up to 50 meters deep . On the negative side is the absence of GPS , which forces us to carry the phone connected if we want to record the route of a workout.

      With the Huawei Band 7 we can record our workouts // Image: Beatriz Alcántara Gil.

      During these test days, the Huawei Band 7 has offered me a precise analysis of my training . To verify it, I have compared his data with those obtained by Huawei Band 7, análisis: cuerpo de reloj, alma de una muy buena pulsera inteligenteHuawei Watch GT Runner, a much more advanced smartwatch. In general terms, the information offered by both devices was similar.

      There is a lot of training data provided by the Huawei Band 7: calories burned, average pace, average speed, average cadence, average stride, steps taken, heart rate average… In addition, the smart bracelet is able to give you more advanced data, such as aerobic training load, maximum oxygen consumption and the recovery time forecast based on the exercise performed. To know all these details in depth, it is best to access the “Exercise records” section of the Huawei Health app.

      The Huawei Band 7 is also a smart device that cares about our Health. Let’s start by talking about your heart rate sensor, which works with good precision and that can record our heart rate throughout the day . When the frequency is too high or low, the Band 7 warns us to be careful.

      Huawei Band 7, análisis: cuerpo de reloj, alma de una muy buena pulsera inteligenteHuawei Band 7, análisis: cuerpo de reloj, alma de una muy buena pulsera inteligente

      Huawei Band 7, análisis: cuerpo de reloj, alma de una muy buena pulsera inteligenteHuawei Band 7, análisis: cuerpo de reloj, alma de una muy buena pulsera inteligente

      Huawei Band 7, análisis: cuerpo de reloj, alma de una muy buena pulsera inteligente

      Huawei Band 7, análisis: cuerpo de reloj, alma de una muy buena pulsera inteligente

      Huawei Band 7, análisis: cuerpo de reloj, alma de una muy buena pulsera inteligenteHuawei Band 7, análisis: cuerpo de reloj, alma de una muy buena pulsera inteligente

      This smartband also has blood oxygen monitoring , which we must activate from the Health application if we want it to work automatically. If we don’t want it to be like that, we can start the measurement from the bracelet when we want to know our SpO2. From the app too we can enable the automatic stress level test , as well as the healthy life function.

      Among the most interesting functions of this gadget is the sleep analysis, which has convinced us for its good accuracy in detecting the time we go to sleep and the time we we wake up. If we want to see the data collected by the sensor in more detail, we enter the Health app and tap on the “Sleep” tab. From there we can know if our sleep has been deep, the number of times we have woken up and the quality of breathing , among other aspects.

      The Huawei Band 7 is a smart bracelet in terms of health functions, but always we must take into account that it is not a medical device , so the data you offer us should be taken only as a personal reference.

      This device has been analyzed in a independent thanks to a transfer by the brand. The article contains purchase links for which Andro4all may receive a commission. Join up to the Andro4all bargain channel to find out about the best offers before anyone else.

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