How nfc tags make your daily life a little easier

How nfc tags make your daily life a little easier

Do you have daily tasks on your smartphone that you are really done with? Then we have the solution for you. You can automate a lot of actions on your smartphone with an NFC tag. If you want to know how, read on.

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What is nfc?

You may recognize nfc from your smartphone, because almost every modern device has an nfc chip built in. You can use this to pay contactless in the supermarket, for example, but there are many more options. In this article we will give you a number of useful tips and situations for using nfc chips yourself.

Nfc stands for near field communication and can be radius of 10 centimeters wirelessly transmit data. Basically, an nfc reader (for example your smartphone) scans the nfc tag containing information. It’s a few hundred bytes; so think of a web link, contact details or a simple code. The reader thus carries out an assignment, which you can use in your daily life.


Source: Astecom Business Software

What do you need?

To get started with nfc yourself, you need three things: A

Android smartphone

with nfc chip, an nfc tag and an app to set commands. There is a good chance that your smartphone does contain an NFC chip and you can easily install an app such as NFC Tools to program assignments.

About the nfc tag: you can find it online for a bargain price. You can get such a smart sticker for less than a euro. You stick this everywhere and nowhere in your house, car or at another location. Pay close attention to the storage of your nfc tag, so that you can lose data. Everything ready? Then we can start.

NFC Tools

  • NFC-tag
  • Tip 1. Digital business card

    Do you want to exchange your contact details with a business customer or just a new acquaintance, then you do this with an nfc chip in a fast and cool way.

    If you accidentally put a wrong action on the nfc tag, go to the ‘Other’ menu and click on ‘Erase Tag’. Then you can just start over.

    Paste the nfc tag on your wallet or phone, for example, to allow people to scan it easily. The other person will then have the option to add your contact directly in his or her phone. That saves fiddling with retyping numbers and it also looks great.

    Tip 2. In one scan ready for bed

    In the NFC Tools app you can easily link multiple tasks in one times to an nfc tag. This allows you to perform multiple actions in one scan. Take, for example, getting ready for bed. Normally you set your alarm yourself, make sure your alarm volume is turned on and you turn on the do not disturb mode. This can of course be much easier.

    Go to the ‘Tasks’ menu in the NFC-Tools app and click on ‘Add a task’. Here you see a lot of functions that you can automate, including your alarm clock. When you click on this, you will be given the option to set the time. Click on ‘OK’ to add it to your task list.

    By adding multiple tasks, you reduce the number of actions to one. You write this with ‘Write’ on an nfc tag and you are ready. Stick the smart sticker on your bedside table and sleep well!

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    Tip 3: Connecting to WiFi

    If you have friends or family over, you probably want to give them access to your WiFi network. In the old-fashioned way you would give a piece of paper with an impossible code on it. Your guests then have to retype these and if they are lucky they will not make any spelling mistakes.

    Luckily, you can easily add your WiFi credentials to an nfc tag. To do this, go to ‘Add a record’ in the ‘Write’ menu and select ‘Wi-Fi network’. There you simply enter your login details and click on ‘OK’ and then ‘Write’ to add it to an nfc tag. Now all your guests need to do is scan a sticker.

    Tip 4: Keep your eyes on the road


    Telephone while driving is not smart. You should not be distracted by notifications and typing a text message to the home front yourself is not at all possible. NFC can help here too, because a tactically placed sticker makes your drive home from work a lot easier.

    By sticking an NFC sticker in the interior of your car, you can control your phone without having to operate it. In the ‘Tasks’ menu, go to ‘Add a task’ and press ‘Configuration’. Here you can select ‘Car Mode’. By programming this on the nfc tag, all you have to do is get into your car, scan and you can drive undisturbed.

    Want to let the home front know you’re coming? Then you can choose to also start a call or prepare a text message with the same nfc chip. Unfortunately you cannot have this sent, so you will have to press ‘send’.

    Tip 5: Promote your favorite app

    Then one more tip: set your favorite app to an NFC tag. To do this, go to ‘Add a record’ in the ‘Write’ menu and then ‘Add a record’. Click here on ‘Application’. Enter ‘nl.bigspark.androidplanet’ here and write this on your nfc tag. If someone now scans that tag, the Android Planet app will open automatically and they will no longer miss Android news.

    There is much more that can be automated in the NFC-Tools app, but the tips discussed are a good start. We therefore recommend that you browse around in the app. The paid version of NFC Tools or the similar app Tasker offer even more options.

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