Go saying goodbye, because another of Google's star services is about to close

Go saying goodbye, because another of Google's star services is about to close

Goodbye forever Duo: Google begins to eliminate the last of its great failures in communication and messaging applications.

Ve despidiéndote: Google va a cerrar otro de sus servicios estrella

After several years of chaos with their communication solutions, plus failure after failure, it seems that Google wants to accelerate the homogenization and simplification of these basic applications, which first started the farewell to Hangouts to integrate it into Chat and Now we are also being told the end of Google Duo, a service that will be merged with Meet.

The colleagues at SamMobile told us about it following the trail of 9to5Google, although in reality the convergence of the platforms Signatures of Duo and Meet had already been confirmed by Google a few weeks ago, reporting from Mountain View that will be later this year when Duo will be completely replaced by the new Meet application, which of course will gradually receive all the features of Google Duo.

Google Duo se fusionará con Meet

Google Duo is already prepare to converge with Google Meet.

The news now is that Google has already taken the first step towards integration starting by directly informing users users of its video calling services, as Duo applications have started to show some users a card indicating that “Duo is getting even better”, with information on what is coming in the coming months.

In fact, it is that when opening the card This message is displayed which could not be clearer and more concise:

Your Duo app will become Meet, with a new name and icon and more features like background effects.

Now yes, get ready because Google has put a closing date on one of its star services

As we already told you, this card is still only shown to a small portion of users who use the latest version of the Google Duo app, specifically build 169.0.459621665.duo.android_20220612.16_p6.

In it we will find some interactivity to show us the news that are yet to come, because in addition to the message we will see two buttons that we can press and that indicate ‘Got it’ and ‘More information’, with functionality in each case quite intuitive.

Google inicia la integración de Duo y Meet

This is how Duo shows us the first steps of its integration with Google Meet.

If we click on ‘I have it’ we will be shown options to create a new meeting or schedule in Google Calendar, features that were exclusive to Meet, while if we touch the button of ‘More information’ we are redirected to a support article where we are shown all the recent changes and news from Googl e Duo.

In addition to the card that starts the integration process, with this new compilation you will receive the virtual backgrounds for your videoconferences, the text chats during meetings and real-time subtitles, in addition to increase the limit of people in a group video call from 32 to 100 participants.

Every cloud has a silver lining! Let’s see if this time it’s the charm with Google’s communication options…

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