FBI: China interfered with the communications of the US nuclear arsenal through Huawei devices

FBI: China interfered with the communications of the US nuclear arsenal through Huawei devices

According to the FBI, cell towers in the midwestern United States may have intercepted Pentagon communications.

While the US government temporarily abandoned its goal of removing Huawei’s telecommunications equipment from its entire territory due to a lack of resources, the FBI now claims that they not only interfered with, but actually intercepted the communications of US military bases, including those that house nuclear missiles, CNN reported on Saturday. . Amid broad sanctions against Chinese technology under the Trump administration, Congress approved $1.9 billion in aid in 2019 to remove telecommunications equipment from Huawei and ZTE in the United States. But the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) told lawmakers last week that riding American networks of this Chinese equipment would cost between $4.7 billion and $4.98 billion.Much of that equipment is still in place, and while President Joe Biden’s administration has largely continued his predecessor Donald Trump’s efforts to rid the United States of Chinese communications technology, the Commerce Department’s investigation into Huawei’s activities is moving slowly, CNN reported. Meanwhile, this technology poses an acute security risk for the United States, Reuters pointed out on Thursday. FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr told the news agency that cell towers around Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana – which controls several missile facilities in the United States – used Huawei technology, as did two other sites in Nebraska and Wyoming. The FBI believes this Huawei equipment is capable of gathering and jamming Pentagon communications, anonymous sources told CNN. The communications of the US Strategic Command, the command responsible for US nuclear deterrence and global strike forces, may also have been sabotaged, the sources added. It’s unclear whether Huawei’s towers actually intercepted any data, much less whether anything was relayed to Beijing. The Chinese government steadfastly denies that the country’s tech companies spy on the West, and Huawei told CNN that all its products imported into the United States comply with FCC regulations and cannot access Pentagon-controlled communications spectrum. “Huawei has a proven track record in cybersecurity for more than 30 years, and we have never been involved in a malicious cybersecurity incident,” the company said in a statement.Huawei Technologies also sent an official reaction to Computerworld:

All Huawei Technologies products imported into the United States of America are inspected and approved by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). Huawei devices operate only on commercial frequencies specified by the FCC. Thus, they do not even have access to the protected channels and spectrums used by the US Department of Defense. Huawei has a proven clean cybersecurity record for more than 30 years, and has never been involved in a single intentionally malicious cybersecurity incident.

The accusations come at a time of growing competition between the US and China, with Biden speaking publicly of a possible military conflict between the two superpowers and FBI Director Christopher Wray warning Western business leaders of Beijing’s “pervasive” espionage and data theft. But as the US’s latest national defense strategy names the “emerging Chinese threat in the Indo-Pacific region” as its biggest military challenge and seeks to rally its allies into formal and informal alliances against Beijing, the alleged threat posed by Huawei has far outstripped all of Trump’s -, both the Biden administration. Already during the Obama administration, the FBI monitored the installation of Huawei routers on cell towers throughout the Midwestern states. It has sometimes sold its wares at a loss to smaller U.S. telecom operators, so by 2021 Huawei will have installed its equipment on about 1,000 towers covering an area densely populated with nuclear missile silos on the border of Wyoming, Nebraska and Colorado.When the FBI investigated the suspiciously large number of devices being distributed, it turned out that Huawei had also installed weather and traffic cameras in addition to them, and according to the official report, this data was regularly transmitted to China. removal. Amid US accusations and Chinese denials, Beijing has also claimed that US technology companies are gathering information from inside China. Tesla vehicles have been banned from several locations in China, including the resort town where the Chinese leadership spends its summer vacation, amid concerns that their cameras could be used to record sensitive data.Hardware, software, tests, interesting and colorful news from the world of IT by clicking here!

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