Elon Musk revealed the secret of Tesla's seat belts

Elon Musk revealed the secret of Tesla's seat belts

The company decided to take a risk and for now it seems they made a good decision.

Back in February, we reported that the CEO of Volkswagen gently scolded Elon Musk for not using LiDAR technology or radars for orientation and maneuvering in Tesla’s cars. For this purpose, only the images of the cameras built into the car are used, but the head of VW does not consider this to be sufficiently safe. Meanwhile, Tesla models were banned from an elegant resort in China precisely because of the cameras. However, it has now been revealed that the Tesla Vision solution based on the use of cameras seems to live up to the expectations – writes InsideEVs. Moreover, as it was recently revealed, the system uses the cameras not only for self-driving or to support the driver, but also to increase safety.

Tesla Vision also tightens seat belts before a crash (Photo: Unsplash/Remy Lovesy)Elon Musk recently discussed with Tesla’s investors – during the conversation, among other things, he hinted when the company’s much-awaited pickup, the

Cybertruck – meanwhile he gave an insight into a hitherto unknown detail of the operation of the popular electric cars. The company founder revealed that the Tesla Vision can also intervene in the operation of the seat belts for the safety of the passengers.

Our safety team has developed a solution that causes the seat belts to tighten when the Tesla Vision detects the possibility of a collision. No one has done this before. You can imagine what happens with a seat belt that tightens only at the moment of impact: there is very little time left to tighten the belt sufficiently

– explained Elon Musk.Of course, similar solutions work in the models of other car manufacturers, but Tesla is undoubtedly the only company so far that solves the operation of security systems exclusively by using the image seen by the cameras and artificial intelligence.Musk also drew attention to the fact that for the belt tensioner solution, Tesla owners can also use a wireless connection (

over-the-air – OTA) can be accessed by downloading the appropriate update.

According to the company founder, Tesla Vision can assess with 100 percent accuracy whether a collision will occur, so it can tighten the seat belts ahead of time and even optimize the inflation time of the airbags. For Tesla Model 3 and Model Ys produced since 2021, Tesla Vision and the Autopilot driver support system based on it are already available. This solution is already part of the standard equipment for the newer, American-made Model S and Model X. The update is available for European owners from April this year. We have more to tell you, you can find all the interesting things here!

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