Distance is not a problem: they examined the usefulness of the electric car in remote areas

Distance is not a problem: they examined the usefulness of the electric car in remote areas

Moreover, their operation is even easier than gasoline or diesel vehicles.

The range of electric cars is still only close to that of gasoline/diesel cars, but it has already turned out that it is perfectly sufficient for everyday life, even if it is an older type with a smaller battery it is a model. That is, there is no problem as long as someone uses their electric car for daily commuting, shopping, taking children to school – and of course preferably lives in or around a big city. However, a big question is what happens to those who live far from civilization, on a ranch, a farm, or perhaps in a small village far from everything, but want to take advantage of the advantages of electric drive.

According to Australian research, 93 percent of people could use an electric car without any problems (Photo: Faraday)

Researchers from the Australian National University (ANU) provided the answer to the question, since it is not difficult to find populated areas in the continent’s island nation that are really far from major cities, moreover, it is not uncommon in Australia that similar neighborhoods can be approached on bumpy dirt roads instead of mirror-smooth asphalt – writes Science Daily.The research reached a convincing result: it was found that the vast majority of Australian residents (93 percent) can access essential social services at any time, even with electric cars with a shorter range, without having to charge them.

We analyzed the distances between homes and the nearest cities considered service centers. The latter are the places where people go from a farm to do their bulk shopping, for example. The results show that 93 percent of the population is able to reach their destination even with the currently available, shorter-range electric cars, without having to stop to charge on the way Az elektromos autókhoz való energiához könnyebb hozzáférni a civilizációtól távol eső helyeken, mint a benzinhez (Fotó: Unsplash/Kenny Leys) explained dr. Björn Sturmberg, co-author of the research material.According to the specialist, this will enable remote settlements to take advantage of the advantages of electric cars. We need to do better in this area, electric cars should not be neglected, because they seem to be challenging to use. People living in remote areas will be at a disadvantage if they have no choice but to drive diesel cars, especially since they are the most affected by the catastrophic effects of climate change

– warned Dr. Sturmberg.

Energy for electric cars is easier to access in places far from civilization than gasoline (Photo: Unsplash/Kenny Leys) The specialist admits that long distances and dirt roads are a problem, but also points out that it is only possible to deliver gasoline or diesel to these areas with serious energy consumption, while electric motors are simpler structures, and moreover, the battery can be charged even at the end of the world. batteries, for example using solar energy. This was exemplarily demonstrated by an Australian engineer who made a 15,000-kilometer trip with his Tesla without that he would have visited a single charging station. So far, we don’t have enough data about how the use of dirt roads affects the range of electric cars, nor about how electric cars perform in extremely hot weather conditions. Nevertheless, we are optimistic that electric cars do have a place in the remote areas of Australia as well – added dr. Francis Markham, another co-author of the research material.The researchers also drew attention to the fact that transport is one of the most serious emitters of gases causing climate change – for example carbon dioxide – which must be changed in order to avoid the most serious consequences of climate change.

Transport is responsible for 25 per cent of global emissions and 18 per cent of Australia’s total emissions. This sector should be decarbonised very quickly and electric cars are an important part of this process – emphasized dr. Sturmberg.In addition to high prices , the spread of electric cars is currently hindered by the fact that many motorists simply underestimates the range of electric cars. We have more to tell you, you can find all the interesting things here!

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