BLUETTI lights up your camp site with Prime Day power station deals from $249 (Up to $300 off)

BLUETTI lights up your camp site with Prime Day power station deals from $249 (Up to $300 off)

Prime Day 2022 has finally arrived with some of the best deals of the year across a broad range of product categories and it’s now time for BLUETTI’s power stations to entry the fray. Delivering a series of models to meet the needs of everyone from casual campers to hardcore off-grid adventurers, BLUETTI is now offering up to $300 off a series of its most popular portable power stations to keep your gear charged up in the woods or to keep you and the family safe during emergency situations. From entry level models staring from $249 and ranging all of the way up to more flagship systems with modular batteries and solar capabilities, just about all of the brand’s most popular solutions are now on sale for Prime Day 2022. Head below for a closer look. 

BLUETTI power station Prime Day deals

Delivering AC outlets, USB-A, USB-C, a cigarette lighter port, and a 12V/3A DC port to your camp site and more, first up we are taking a look at the BLUETTI AC200P portable power station. This model is now at the lowest price it has ever been offered at for Prime Day with the brand’s safety-focused LiFePO4 battery inside that can charge to full capacity in under 4 hours to support its up to 2,000Wh capacity. The pair of 15W wireless Qi charging pads are a nice touch to keep your Android smartphone and tablets juiced up cable-free as well. 

Here’s some of the key features at a glance:

  • 2000W AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter (4,800W Surge)
  • 2,000Wh Capacity
  • LiFePO4 Battery with 3,500+ Life Cycles to 80%
  • 17 Outputs For Multiple Devices
  • 7 Ways to Recharge (AC/Solar/Car/Generator/Lead battery/Dual AC/AC+Solar)
  • 700W Max. Solar Input
  • 1200W Max. Fast Dual Charging (Solar + AC Adapter Simultaneously)
  • Eco-friendly/Gas free/Quiet/Cost-effective

BLUETTI AC200P Portable Power Station $1,499 (Reg. $1,599+)

Or take it up a notch with the BLUETTI modular AC200MAX

The brand’s AC200MAX model takes it up a notch, boasting the BLUETTI modular battery system that allows you to flip in and out various batteries to make carrying it a bit easier, customizing the setup for the needs of each scenario, and to upgrade its capabilities down the line without having to purchase an entirely new power station alongside a host of standout features:

  • 2,200W AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter (4,800W Surge)
  • 2,048Wh Capacity
  • LiFePO4 Battery with 3,500+ Life Cycles to 80%
  • Expandable Up To 6,144Wh with 2×B230, or 8,192Wh with 2×B300
  • 7 Ways to Recharge (AC/Solar/Car/Generator/Lead Battery/Dual AC/AC+Solar)
  • 900W Max. Solar Input
  • 1300W Max. Fast Dual Charging (Solar + AC Adapter)
  • Smart Control & Monitor in BLUETTI App

Capable of carrying a total of 8,192Wh of power, the AC200MAX can house a pair of BLUETTI B230 or the higher-capacity B300 batteries while providing a host of I/O potential including the built-in 30A (RV plug), AC outlets, a 12V/30A DC port, and a series USB-A/C jacks. Alongside the ability to recharge the batteries with your choice of seven different methods, it also sports a pair of handy 15W wireless charging pads to quickly and easily juice up Qi-ready gear. 

BLUETTI AC200MAX $1,799 (Reg. $1,899)

BLUETTI AC300 power station and B300 combo

But with its 3,000W AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter, 24/7 UPS backup power capabilities, 240V Split Phase Bonding tech, and a potential total 12,288Wh capacity, the BLUETTI AC300 power station and B300 combo Prime Day price drop is easily one of the most notable deals this year. Now marked down to $3,399 from the regular $3,698 price tag, this bundle delivers some serious power with a customizable modular design that can house as many as four B300 battery modules (or eight if you employ the brand’s Fusion Box Pro). Alongside app control and the front-mounted display, the BLUETTI AC300 features six 120V/20A outlets, a 120V/30A TT-30 outlet, a 100W max USB-C port alongside four USB-A variants, car and RV DC options, and those convenient 15W Qi charging pads we mentioned above. And with the ability to take in up to 2,400W max solar charging, it can be refuelled in about one and half hours time. 

The inverter can adjust the charging rate from 1800W to 3000W via wall outlets according to your needs. Plug in the wall outlet and solar panels, you can fast charge the AC300 much faster at a 5,400W Max rate, saving you a lot of charging time. With the Fusion Box Pro(P030A), you can connect two AC300s in series for 240V/6,000W output and a total capacity of 24,576Wh(4 B300s for each AC300). Using BLUETTI Smart Home Panel, you can tie the AC300 power system to your home grid. Always get you prepared for power outages.

BLUETTI AC300 power station and B300 combo $3,399 (Reg. $3,698)

And here are the rest of the BLUETTI Prime Day deals to browse through. All of these deals will jump back up in price after July 13, 2022:

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