Another big cannon in the domestic IT sector

Another big cannon in the domestic IT sector

The international IT service provider joins the most significant representatives of the Hungarian IT industry.

Under the brand name NIX, international teams of professionals have united, characterized by the development of world-class products in a wide variety of fields: from e-commerce and healthcare to education and FinTech. NIX wants to focus on the exchange of experiences, the support of startups, the building of the IT community and the stable growth of the Hungarian IT industry as a whole.

Team philosophy for sustainable development

The company’s specialists turn basic theories into practical experience every day. Along the way, they support each other in both projects and personal matters, regardless of challenges and circumstances. This allows everyone in NIX’s professional teams to become more confident and stronger and able to cope with even the most difficult tasks. During its activity, the company focuses on solving strategic problems of clients. That is why his teams look for the best solutions in every project and use optimal technologies and tools – separately for each order, without template scenarios.

Principles of an integrated approach

All specialists of the international company’s teams transform their individual approach to the creation of IT products into a balanced methodology, as they are well versed in the key technologies of the IT world: .NET, Java, JS, PHP, Python, Ruby, React, Golang, C++, SWIFT, Kotlin, flutter , DevOps, IoT, VR/AR, Bi, Big Data, Machine Learning, etc. Thanks to this, it becomes possible to implement a complete development cycle, starting from business analysis to software testing, and then starting the marketing strategy. NIX offers effective solutions for both start-ups and large enterprises.The wide range of business areas that the brand’s teams work with allows each professional to develop the skills necessary to create high-tech IT products and meet the real needs of users, businesses and customers.

What opportunities does Budapest offer?

The NIX office opening in the Hungarian capital enables one of the world’s largest IT service providers to carry out several important tasks at the same time. Above all, the constantly growing city is an important center for the FinTech industry and related startups. Budapest is also home to many IT companies, businesses and young professionals who already know the technologies of the industry’s main trends. All this makes it possible for the international brand to involve talented Hungarian IT professionals in its teams and to jointly create qualitatively new technological products.

Development directions for NIX

Currently, the main goal of the international brand is to create a strong community in Hungary and develop the local industry. The NIX teams are ready to help promising young professionals choose an encouraging direction for their IT development. To this end, experts are already working on programs aimed at sharing their own unique expert experiences. NIX will soon launch a large-scale campaign in Hungary for the development of the local IT industry. This will help you become a truly competitive player in the international IT market.

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