Android 12 now available on Samsung Galaxy A21s and A22

Android 12 now available on Samsung Galaxy A21s and A22

As of this writing, the latest Android update is rolling out for Samsung’s Galaxy A21s and A22 smartphones. Users of these devices can expect the update in no time. We’ll tell you how it works, so read on soon.

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Android 12 update on Galaxy S21s and A22 now available

Samsung has started rolling out an Android update for two of their smartphones. The phones in question are the Samsung Galaxy A21s and Samsung Galaxy A22 from 2020 and 2021. These smartphones ran on Android 11 or 10 out of the box, but will now be updated to Android 12.

With the update to Android 12 also comes the upgrade to the One UI 4.1 shell of Samsung. This gives the manufacturer a lot of options for personalization. Think of setting a color that your entire phone adapts to and the security in the field of privacy has been tightened up considerably.

How to install the new update

Do you use a Samsung Galaxy A21s or A22? Then the update is waiting for you. You will probably receive a notification with the message that you can update your phone. Clicking on that notification will take you to the ‘Software update’ menu. Here you can easily download and install the new Android version.

No report? Then go to your settings and scroll down. There you will also find the ‘Software update’ menu and start the installation. Don’t see an update? Then you will have to wait a little longer and you will receive Android 12 in the next few days.

The Samsung Galaxy A21s and A22 in short

The Galaxy A21s is an affordable Android smartphone from Samsung with a large battery and 6.6-inch screen. The device came with a number of smaller updates compared to the Samsung Galaxy A21 and was a great option for the price at the time. It came with Android 10 by default and now gets the update to Android 12.

A22 and A21s

The Galaxy A22 is a budget model from last year. It came with a sharper and slightly larger screen than its predecessor and better cameras. Due to the higher refresh rate and more powerful chip, this phone also feels faster. Out of the box was Android 11 on this smartphone installed and it now also gets the Android 12 update.

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