A smaller, less angular Cybertruck was designed

A smaller, less angular Cybertruck was designed

The new design could be produced more easily by Tesla, which is currently struggling with the futuristic pickup.

Although Tesla already announced the amazing-looking Cybertruck van in 2019, the coronavirus epidemic and partly due to the lack of chips arising from this, as well as disruptions in the logistics supply chains, it was not possible to keep the planned start of series production at the end of 2021. And this has continued to slide since then: according to the information recently mentioned by Elon Musk, future owners can currently take delivery of the first copies in 2023. However, a lot can still happen until then, especially since the production of existing models (S, 3, X, Y) is still causing disruptions at Tesla. In addition, they are working hard on the development of the Tesla Semi electric truck and the second generation Tesla Roadster, also promised for next year, so it is a big question whether the Cybertruck project is really will it be realized in a year. Cybertruck fans have been waiting for Tesla to finish development since 2019 (Photo: Tesla)This problem was noticed by an engineer on Twitter who thought of something and designed a smaller, easier to manufacture Cybertruck for Tesla – writes InsideEVs.The builder A user tweeting under the name ) rethought the special pickup based on the Tesla Model Y platform.

Concept ideas: – core commonality w/ Model Y=reduced development time/cost (wiper R&D is done ๐Ÿ˜‰) – manufacturable body inspired by Cybertruck & Starship. No-compound-curves design=no stretch forming required- multiple design features provide max versatility

pic.twitter.com/EcM6jlb1unโ€” builder ๐Ÿš€ (@escape_ferocity)

July 20 , 2022 According to the renderings created by him, the line of the new Cybertruck can be seen as related, the nose is clearly reminiscent of the Model Y, but the builder also created an animation showing how the popular electric car is transformed into the new van.

For anyone interested, I modeled the design around a slightly modified Model Y body-in-white. This allows for extensive component commonality. Items such as the battery pack, windshield, roof glass, windows, modules, dash/controls, & much of the interior can be the same SKUs. pic.twitter.com/B76lUtQEDZโ€” builder ๐Ÿš€ (@escape_ferocity ) July 20, 2022 As he writes, building on a common platform would be of great help to Tesla, as they would be able to get away with a lot of development. According to the engineer, they could use, for example, the battery pack, the front windshield, the roof window and the side windows, as well as the dashboard and the interior, from the Model Y. This would only make sense from a business perspective, as more and more brands are developing mid-sized electric pickups. For example, the recently launched Ford Maverick is smaller

than the gigantic ExplorerIt is based on the Bronco, and according to industry rumors, the American brand will soon present its electric version . Hyundai has the Santa Cruz available in hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions, and the list could be continued for a long time.The production of the smaller, more streamlined Cybertruck would have one more advantage, which the builder jokingly drew attention to: it shouldn’t be To work on the development of windshield wiper. We have more to tell you, you can find all the interesting things here!

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