A chess robot broke one of the young player's fingers

A chess robot broke one of the young player's fingers

The accident happened during an exhibition match of the Moscow Open.

The boy who recently had an accident at the Moscow Open is considered a particularly successful chess player in his age group. The boy, who was only seven years old, played a multi-self demonstration game against a robot with a metal arm. This is where the accident happened. The child did not wait for the robot to finish the step, he started his own step early. However, the machine had already started the sequence of moves, so the whole thing ended with it grabbing the boy’s finger instead of a chess piece. For painful seconds, the robot squeezed the child’s finger, which eventually broke. The boy was finally successfully freed from the grip by a couple of adults. Although his finger was broken, our young hero ended up only getting a splint and then returned to racing. Hats off to your determination.A video recording of the incident was also made:

All acquisition that advanced AI will destroy humanity is false. Not the powerful AI or breaching laws of robotics will destroy humanity, but engineers with both left hands :/ On video – a chess robot breaks a kid’s finger at Moscow Chess Open today. pic.twitter.com/bIGIbHztar

— Pavel Osadchuk 👨‍💻💤 (@xakpc) July 21, 2022

Unsurprisingly, there were speculations that the robot attacked the child on purpose, but there is no question of this, in fact the boy made a mistake, he did not respect the time limits. As you can guess, all this does not comfort the boy’s parents, who may sue the organizers of the competition. Are you more seriously interested in IT? You can find our news and analyzes for IT and infocommunications decision-makers here.

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