5 useful tips for faster and safer WiFi in your home (ADV)

5 useful tips for faster and safer WiFi in your home (ADV)

Do you want faster and more secure WiFi? Unfortunately, the router you get from your internet provider is often very limited. With a Fritz!Box, a world full of new possibilities opens up to you. This is what you need to know.

Better WiFi with Fritz!


is a well-known name in broadband internet. The company offers all kinds of useful products, such as (modem) routers, WiFi amplifiers and powerlines for faster and safer WiFi. They work seamlessly together in their own network. In addition, Fritz! smart home products to make your home a lot smarter. You can operate them from anywhere in the world with the Fritz! app.

Due to the user-friendly operation, equipment from Fritz! easy to connect and use by anyone. Thanks to the Fritz!OS software, your products are also always safe and up-to-date. New features are also added regularly.

5 tips for faster and safer WiFi

If you want faster and safer WiFi, there are a few things you should do pay attention. Below we list the most important points for attention.

Wifi 6

Lots of Fritz routers! are equipped with the new WiFi 6. That is to fixed internet what 5G is to mobile internet. You benefit from speeds that are up to 40 percent higher than with the previous generation. In addition, you can connect many more devices to your connection without compromising stability.

More and more mobile phones and tablets have support for this protocol. Do you like to game on your smartphone or tablet? With WiFi 6, you can enjoy short latencies of no more than 10 milliseconds, giving you an edge over your opponents. Your data is also more secure thanks to the new encryption standard WPA3 and this new WiFi standard uses energy more efficiently. The battery of your phone or laptop lasts longer.

Smart home

A smart home is especially nice. You dim lamps such as the Fritz!Dect 500 with a quick command via the app and close the curtains without getting up. You can also start your favorite series without getting lost in the endless menus of Netflix. And with a switch like the Fritz!Dect 440 you can easily control the connected thermostats.

In addition, a smart home makes your home safer. This way you connect security cameras, which let you know if unauthorized people are walking around in your house. Even if you yourself are on the other side of the world. In the same way, keep an eye on children or pets. You can also install smart smoke detectors that give a signal if a fire unexpectedly starts.

Mesh network

Many homes have the internet connection in the meter cupboard. That is far from ideal if you want to watch your favorite Netflix series in the living room or in the attic. So think about setting up a Mesh network. With a Fritz!Box as the central point of your set-up, you take the first step.

By then placing Fritz!Repeaters in strategic places, you enjoy a perfect connection in every corner of your house. All Fritz appliances! work together in a single network, communicate with each other and optimize the performance of all WiFi devices. This way, hiccups are a thing of the past.


VPN stands for ‘virtual private network’. With a VPN, you can easily and securely access your home network remotely. It can be compared to a tunnel. There is a starting and ending point and the space in between is closed off from the outside world. Fritz! uses strong encryption techniques for this. This way you can communicate anywhere in the world with your Fritz!Box and the devices that are connected to it.

This is useful if you want to upload some snapshots to your NAS during your vacation or if you want to consult files. You can also change the settings of your smart home devices. This is very easy with the Fritz! app.

Password Manager

It’s almost impossible to remember all your passwords, especially if you go for safe combinations of letters and characters. It is therefore wise to outsource them to a good app such as 1Password or Dashlane. They suggest hard-to-guess passwords and remember them, so you don’t have to do that anymore. You just have to memorize the master password of the app itself. Your passwords will then be automatically synced across all your devices. Easy and safe.

All in all, we can say that Fritz! has everything to offer in terms of setting up a secure, stable and fast WiFi network. Whether it’s a single-storey or multi-storey network, with Fritz equipment and solutions! is all that no problem.

The showpiece: the Fritz!Box 7590 AX


  • Fritz!Box 7590 AX

    is the absolute showpiece of Fritz! Thanks to WiFi 6, this router offers speeds of up to 2,400 Mbit/s (5 Ghz) and 1,200 Mbit/s (2.4 Ghz). So the whole family can stream and download unlimited.

    This Fritz!Box is also the center of your digital home. You can easily create a Mesh network with the Fritz!Repeaters, so that you have perfect WiFi even in the ridge of your attic. You can also connect all your smart home devices to the 7590 AX and no fewer than six cordless telephones.

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