5 fans from 12 to 60 euros: cool off according to your budget

5 fans from 12 to 60 euros: cool off according to your budget

From a portable mini-fan to one of Xiaomi’s most advanced fans, you choose how to cool yourself.

5 ventiladores de 12 a 60 euros: refréscate según tu presupuesto

Today we bring you five effective and cheap solutions to cool off in these hot times, all of them in the form of fan . It is a small compilation ascending in price with some of the best options on AliExpress and AliExpress Plaza.

You can choose, depending on your needs, between portable fans or standing fans, although we already warned you that they are all one great purchase, especially if you are looking to relieve high temperatures in a practical way that does not require an excessive investment.

Remember that, except for the third option, all these fans are part of AliExpress Plaza, so you will have them at home in a few days and without paying shipping costs. Plus, you’ll have up to two weeks to return them for free, no questions asked. So… let’s cool off!

5 cheap fans you can buy on AliExpress

In AliExpress you have fans of all sizes and prices

JISULIFE mini-handheld fan

JISULIFE hand fan

  • Desk Fan FS02. We put portable fans aside to recommend this desktop fan, the which can work a whole day without the need for cables. Beautiful and durable, it is available in three different colors.

Desk Fan FS02

      JISULIFE portable fan. Another interesting option could be to raise the level with this other fan, a model that already has more advanced features. It comes with an extendable support that allows us to use it as a standing or tabletop fan, being able to move the air up to 8 meters away, being able to work without cables for 24 hours uninterrupted. A recommended purchase for those looking for an elegant, versatile fan and above all, easy to move from here to there .

    JISULIFE portable fan

    • Xiaomi Mi Standing Fan 2. We leave for last the best option of the compilation (but also the most expensive ): the Mi Standing Fan 2, a fan manufactured by Xiaomi that comes loaded with features. You can program it with your mobile, control it with your voice, adjust its more than 100 power levels, make it work without cable for a couple of days, place it on the floor or on the table… A whole world of possibilities that it has on top a very good discount.
    • Xiaomi Mi Standing Fan 2

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